Monday, July 27

Do you know Sokushinbutsu?

Once upon a time, some where in Japan, many monks died not because of any public outcry of illhealth but because of their own belief.

Sokushinbutsu were Buddhist monks or priests who caused their own deaths in a way that resulted in their mummification. I mean, they prepare their mind and body in such a way that when they die, their bodies said to attain the stage of a mummy.

This belief is because they will be revered as Buddha.

What a belief!

But how did they achieve this?
It is reported that the monks would go on a long diet. For about 1000 days, they ate only a special kind of food consisting of nuts and seeds.

Then, for the next 1000 days, they consumed a kind of poisonous tea and a tree bark.

Oh, more bizarre things happened. You read the rest yourself elsewhere.

Friday, July 24

Video is shot from a special angle.

This video clip is a treat to watch. It shows how a fighter plane takes off vertically from a plane carrying ship.

This video is shot from a special angle and close quarters too. After the vertical lift, the plane takes a wild swing before surging forward.


Monday, July 20

How envious birds thwart advances?

Jealousy is not an attribute of human beings alone. A recent find revealed how a particular bird changes its voice so that her spouse won't fall a prey to calls of lonely females.

South America always is fortunate to house rare birds. Every other new news about rare birds that are stunning beautiful are found to roam in the forests of South America.

Times of India has published a news today that warbling antbirds (females), which form lifelong partnerships in the tropical forests of South America, change the way they sing to prevent males from flirting with other females.

The story turns interesting here. Male birds who practice adultery
respond by changing their songs to avoid this interference from their mates.

Very interesting and amazing really!

Tuesday, July 14

How I help people sell gold!

I don’t advise people what I don’t do myself. For example, I don’t sell gold when the economy is supposed to be down. Gold is the only thing in the world that has withstood thousands of recessions and still gleaming.

I know people will try to generate cash out of their meager gold possessions and if possible, I used to help them out by buying their offer at a price slightly better than the market rate.

Though such occasions are very rare, it is the only time I buy gold from other resources apart from my trusted source Monex, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

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Saturday, July 11

Uneatable cakes of Japan.

You see the sign above in front of a cake shop in Japan, near a local railway station. You find lovely looking cakes and pastries as below.

But don't eat them yet. They are uneatable. They are only soaps to wash your face and hands.

Can be a perfect gifting idea-eh?


Tuesday, July 7

The most exotic bird on the earth.

I have never seen this bird even in zoos or in any book of nature. Not even my favorite Reader's Digest has no record of such an exotic bird.

Look at the way it moves! It is actually dancing in delight! It might have probably happy to have identified its mate?

The teasing of another bird looks comic.

What is the name of this bird? Where it is found on the world?
Any clues readers?

Thursday, July 2

Sqirrels playing cards.

Don't analyze how this photo was made, whether it is trick shot ot graphics are used....

Just smile and enjoy this picture.

Ah, yes, if you feel like, forward to your friends and visualize their smiling face


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