Thursday, September 21

What I like about Neil Crespi?

The professional blogger in me is always on the look out for excellent personal traits, I visit several blogs a day. En route I happen to view Neil Crespi Blog and Neil Crespi’s profile today.

And my life slogan is Pass it on; Share.
So, here I am, sharing what appealed to me from his blog.

I quote:
“Being strong doesn’t mean being insensitive to all the things that life throws at your doorstep.
It’s with those sensitive things and painful experiences that I become a strong person in the first place.”

How nicely said! I think it is a very matured expression and he is only 24 years old!

These are the things that take one closure to God because you express the Godness in you when you speak the truth.

How many of you have read ‘Ask and it is given’ by Esther Hicks? That is a profoundly spiritual book that can change the way you look at the world.

In his blog, Neil says ““What Neil Crespi wants, Neil Crespi gets”; it seems he is already acquainted with Esther Hicks.(smile)

Internet has made it possible for me to develop so many friends in the past 8 years. Today it has given me one more friend to share and care.

Thank you Internet!

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