Tuesday, September 26

Do you know the Lap Band system-answer to weight loss?

It seems I am becoming some kind of a medical consultant. (hahaha)

After my close encounters with rhinoplasty, liposuction and breast augmentation surgeries, now I am face to face with a totally unique kind of surgery (no need for all the usual surgical instruments) to reduce obesity.

I read somewhere that 50% of the Americans are concerned with over weight. (really?)
Over weight people all over the world might have tried just about everything in the medical history to address their worry.

Everyone knows the miracle pills that promise to make you shed excess weight in weeks, the wonder exercise machines that keep popping up in the market, the attractive of flyers of plastic surgeons and so on.

Now the inventors of surgical procedures have come up with an option called Lap Band system.

"The LAP-BAND® System is an adjustable gastric band designed to help you lose excess body weight, improve weight-related health conditions and enhance quality of life.

It reduces the stomach capacity and restricts the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. The LAP-BAND® System procedure does not require stomach cutting and stapling or gastrointestinal re-routing to bypass normal digestion.

The LAP-BAND® System is the only adjustable and reversible weight-loss surgery available in the United States and the only weight-loss surgery approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."
While doing a research on this surgery, I also came to know about a controversy on this issue concerning Travis County Commissioners.

Thats enough of blood and tissues for me.
I hope to find something interesting about Halloween tomorrow.

Do you know Oxymoron?

I vaguely remember having heard that word before but I am absolutely unsure.

There I have uttered an oxymoron! (singular: oxymoron Plural:oxymora or oxymorons)

An Oxymoron is a combination of contradictory words like 'bad health', 'blank expression', 'growing small' and so on.

Oxymoron is a Greek term derived from oxy ("sharp") and moros ("dull"). The meaning is "that which is sharp and dull," thereby designating and also exhibiting an opposition between two adjectives which serve as predicates for one subject.

What distinguishes oxymoron from other paradoxes and contradictions is that they are used intentionally, for rhetorical effect, and the contradiction is only apparent, as the combination of terms provides a novel expression of some concept, such as "awfully pretty".

Oxymorons are not necessarily mistakes or errors. They make effective titles and appealing phrases, and some are meant to be humorous.

Courtesy: oxymorons.info and wikipedia.org

There I have hidden nothing! (smile)

Sunday, September 24

Do you know MathML?

The interviewer shot this question at me during an online interview.
I had applied for the post of a virtual tutor in Capella University, an accredited online university.

Naturally I drew blank. Really I never even heard of that word.
He told me that e-learning students are really smart and it is better that I be prepared for such tough questions.

Since Capella University is committed to providing high-caliber academic excellence, their academic staff is selected very carefully.

Capella offers 76 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 16 certificate specializations. The online university currently serves 16,000 students from all 50 states and 63 countries.

I was given 30 minutes interval during which time I must gain some knowledge about MathML and resume the interview. He suggested wikipedia as an authentic source.

I was thankful for his guidance, consumed the full half an hour and came up with this:
‘Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) is an application of XML for representing mathematical symbols and formulae, aimed at integrating them into World Wide Web documents. It is a recommendation of the W3C math working group’.

‘MathML deals not only with the presentation but can optionally also include information about the meaning of formula components (the latter part of MathML is known as MathML-Content).

‘Web pages with MathML embedded in them can be viewed as normal web pages with many browsers but visually impaired users can also have the same MathML read to them through the use of screen readers (e.g. using the MathPlayer plugin for Internet Explorer)’.

The interviewing professor was impressed with my speed and asked me to await further communication.

Friday, September 22

What is an ‘Ingot’?

Ingots are bars or blocks of metal that has been molded into shape.

Gold bars are also called as gold ingots (not golden ingots) that are minted by authentic gold traders.

Since the gold is measured in ounces, the weight of such gold bars will be one troy ounce which is equal to 31.1034768 grams. Sorry, you cannot round it off to the usual two decimals because of its high value.

You cannot afford the risk of buying such gold bars from any gold jewelry stores.
You should wield maximum caution while buying gold coins, never compromise on quality and the reputation of the buying source.

Deal with experienced and authentic firms like America's most respected gold and precious metals investment leader Monex Deposit Company.

Through MDC you can purchase gold or other precious metals for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

As an investment product, gold, silver, platinum and palladium are available in coin or ingot form. It is an irrefutable fact that bullion coins have a proven ability to protect wealth and preserve one's purchasing power.

Thursday, September 21

Go ahead, worry as much as you like!

“We will take care of the wrinkles on your face that result from worry and concentration”, assures Dr. Edwin Williams who advocates the Botox Albany, the non-surgical cosmetic procedure able to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Botox may be used to treat furrows between the brows, forehead wrinkles, smiles lines or ‘crow’s feet’, fine wrinkles around the lips, wrinkling and dimpling of the chin, platysmal banding in the neck, and marionette lines.

Good news for those suffering from Migraine:
The news that Botox is also effective in the treatment of migraine is cheered by my entire family of migraine affected members.

What is Botox?
Botox is a natural, purified protein that is produced by the Clostridium Botulinum Bacterium and it is administered as a very low dose with a few tiny injections directly into the facial muscle responsible for wrinkles and lines.

These are simple procedures that take about ten minutes per area treated. Patients can typically return to work and other normal activities immediately after treatment.

Where Botox is offered?
At the Williams Rejuva Center, you can undertake a simple treatment to rejuvenate your face instantly that is also affordable without the risks and downtime of surgery.

The Williams Rejuva Center also offers a number of minimally invasive procedures including BOTOX®, Restylane, Radiesse, medicated skin creams, medical facial peels, laser treatments, and skin rejuvenation programs.

You can also benefit from The Williams Rejuva Center’s 6-month skin rejuvenation program for treatments that stimulate collagen, improve hyper pigmentation problems (brown spots), and erase redness or spider veins. It improves skin texture, tone and color.

This program consists of two medicated peels, four Lite Touch laser treatments, medicated creams, and a basic skin care regime to maintain your beautiful results.

Visit williamsfacialsurgery.com to learn about medicated peels, Lite Touch laser treatments and medicated creams.

What I like about Neil Crespi?

The professional blogger in me is always on the look out for excellent personal traits, I visit several blogs a day. En route I happen to view Neil Crespi Blog and Neil Crespi’s profile today.

And my life slogan is Pass it on; Share.
So, here I am, sharing what appealed to me from his blog.

I quote:
“Being strong doesn’t mean being insensitive to all the things that life throws at your doorstep.
It’s with those sensitive things and painful experiences that I become a strong person in the first place.”

How nicely said! I think it is a very matured expression and he is only 24 years old!

These are the things that take one closure to God because you express the Godness in you when you speak the truth.

How many of you have read ‘Ask and it is given’ by Esther Hicks? That is a profoundly spiritual book that can change the way you look at the world.

In his blog, Neil says ““What Neil Crespi wants, Neil Crespi gets”; it seems he is already acquainted with Esther Hicks.(smile)

Internet has made it possible for me to develop so many friends in the past 8 years. Today it has given me one more friend to share and care.

Thank you Internet!

I envy matrix media technologies.

Because I do not have that web development skill.

We see thousands of web sites every month. Some you forget almost instantly; some registers in your mind permanently.

Those that fall in the second category invariably impressed you with its design, color and presentation-right?

The website of San Diego Internet marketing is one such website that has appealed to me with its design and color.

Not only that, the main content of the website deals with Internet marketing which is incidentally my passion.

Backed by eight years of Internet marketing, they have earned immense reputation in their niche which is web design, Internet advertising and search engine optimization.

Look at their well thought of four point strategy:
Plan, Create, Market and Grow.

Being an Internet marketer, I know how very difficult it is to keep up with the constantly evolving Internet technologies and satisfy their clients by delivering only the latest.
They too frankly admit that they owe their growth to their clients whose requirements were always in tune with the latest Internet marketing technology.

Every business’s success solely depends on its leader. As far as matrix media technologies is concerned, it owes everything to Gen Bourgeois, the CEO.

If you look at his career record, he held challengingly responsible positions like Executive-Vice President at College Club, an on-line community portal, General Manager for all of BBDO's Latin American operations and was responsible for management of 22 agency operations and grew billings 25% over an 18-month period to over $500 million annually.

He is also the founder of SourceFinder, an on-line source-direct buying company for marketing products and services.

Gen Boutgeois’s team consists of:
Mark Drozda as Vice President / Director of Account Services
Jeff L. Smith as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Nadav Wilf as Director of Internet Marketing

Well, this is a top class professional web solutions company indeed.

They confess that their success was the result of their clients’ satisfaction alone.

Do you know the correct meaning of Plastic?

Refer to Greek and it says Plastikos is "to shape"

Hence the name ‘plastic surgery’ which is to correct an unshapely nose or lips.

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is performed only by board certified surgeons like Dr. Daniel G. Becker, M.D., FACS-the chief surgeon of New Jersey cosmetic surgery.

When I said ‘board certified’, I meant American Board of Facial Plastic and Re-constructive Surgery (ABFPRS).

Not only that, he is also certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABO).

People from various parts of the world approach The Rhinoplasty Center for a variety of nose problems like Nasal Bump, Bulbous Tip, Too Wide, Too Narrow, Overprojected, Underprojected, Nasal Fracture, Twisted Nose, Droopy Nose and Upturned Nose.

The common name for rhinoplasty is ‘nose job’.
Rhinoplasty can be performed to rectify all the above said problems to meet aesthetic appeal or for reconstructive purposes to correct birth defects or breathing problems.

As per Dr. Becker’s informative website, he has been in the news for his expertise.

I have posted only a few below.

* "On the Nose "- Aesthetic Book 2006,
Are you ready for the new Rhinoplasty?

* "TOP DOC"- Philadelphia Magazine 2003, for Cosmetic and Re-constructive Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty).

*NATIONAL TOP 10 RATING by US News and World Report - From 1997-2003, Dr. Becker was a full-time faculty member of the Department of ENT at PENN, where he specialized in nasal and sinus surgery. During that time, US News and World Report consistently gave a NATIONAL TOP 10 rating to this team.

*25 People to Watch in 2005, SJ Magazine
Dr. Becker was recognized as one of '25 People to Watch' in New Jersey by South Jersey Magazine, in January, 2005.

*Dr. Becker was inducted into the National Register's WHO's WHO in Executives and Professionals 2004-2005.

*The Gloucester County Times reported on the Becker Nose and Sinus Center. They highlighted that the Becker Nose and Sinus Center is the first center in the state of New Jersey dedicated to treatment of problems of the Nose and Sinuses.

For testimonials from patients and doctors, please refer therhinoplastycenter.com

Do you have cellulite?

No idea! (smile)

Almost everybody has cellulite. I am just expressing the accumulation of fats in certain parts of our body in a fashionable way.

What happens when you have excess fat in your abdomen or hips?
It looks ugly, restricts free movement resulting in terrible embarrassment.

How it happens?
While it happens mostly as we grow old, there are other causes like unhealthy eating habits, not drinking adequate water, lack of exercise and even may be due to heredity.

What are the remedies?
Attend to the reasons mentioned above or just head for New Jersey liposuction and meet Dr. Alvin Glasgold, a triple board certified plastic surgeon and a specialist in facial cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, and surgical body contouring.

Glasgold Group is a top choice in New Jersey cosmetic surgery, providing patients with two generations of knowledge and expertise. Founded more than 25 years ago, the Glasgold Group is committed to patient satisfaction.

The other team members:
Dr. Mark Glasgold, a specialist in rhinoplasty,
Dr. Robert Glasgold, an expert in face-lifts and facial rejuvenation.

Whether you are searching for a rhinoplasty in New Jersey or a surgeon specializing in breast augmentation, and whether you’re in New Jersey, Philadelphia, or elsewhere, the Glasgold Group works to help patients from all over the world achieve their cosmetic needs.

Liposuction is procedure by which excess fat is removed by selectively suctioning out excess fatty deposits from the affected areas of our body to achieve a beautiful and natural form.

It is not done to reduce the overall weight of the body.

Who it is ideal for?
Anyone who is unsuccessful in straightening out their bulgy stomach or hanging flaps despite regular visits to the gym, or curtailing their big appetite are ideal patients for liposuction which is also called lipoplasty.

The duration:
All can be over in less than two hours and there is no need for hospitalization.

Maximum two weeks time should be given for complete healing.

Sunday, September 17

Do you know how much was awarded in total to the September 11th Victims?

It was $7 billion.

The Compensation Fund was created by an act of congress shortly after 9/11 to compensate the victims of the attack. The Fund was designed to maximize compensation to the families of victims.

This is about the story of a woman, who lost her husband in that attack.
She must have felt grateful for the U.S. Government when she learnt that the contingency fees by attorneys representing the families were disfavored.

But her hopes were shattered when a lawsuit was filed in federal court by the attorney who represented her before the Victims Compensation Fund. The attorney sought $2,000,000 as a contingency fee. He filed suit in federal court seeking a declaratory judgment entitling him to his fee.

The victim might have heard about simmons jannace & stagg who appeared for Nancy Burpee, the victim of a referee’s ruling in Paralympics swimming competition.

When approached, they were willing to take up her case and immediately moved to dismiss the federal action, arguing that the Victims Compensation Fund did not provide federal jurisdiction for an action by an attorney seeking to protect his fee.

The federal court listened to several other valid points from them and finally stayed the attorney’s action and agreed that the Victims Compensation Fund did not provide federal court jurisdiction.

What is a rip off?

You are ripped off when you pay for a product or service which is much more than its worth.

In such instances you can approach a consumer protection agency and lodge your complaint.

But you must practice caution when you decide to lodge your Rip-Off Report.

When I read about RipOffReport.com, a worldwide consumer reporting Website & Publication, by consumers, for consumers, to file & document complaints about companies or individuals who ripoff consumers and their fraudulent activities, I was baffled by their unscrupulous intentions.

The Rip Off Report uses the ranking power of their website to rank for companies names and use those rankings to extort money after creating fake complaints against companies.

I was relieved when I came to know through their blog that usweb.com started coming to the rescue of badly affected parties. They have successfully worked with one company already to push the Rip Off Report ranking back into Google and remove it from the top rankings that are unfairly hurting companies.

If you are one of the victims or if you know of one, I request you to please direct them to usweb.com to restore the damaged brand image.

Saturday, September 16

Do you know that La Jolla is pronounced as La Hoya?

Very odd but still sounds pleasant-is it not?

La Jolla is located within the city of San Diego, California.

The main attractions in La Jolla are skimboarding and surfing.

Wait! There is one more popular place called ‘The Boxing Club’ apart from Girard Gourmet and Harry's Coffee Shop.

It is a favorite hangout for the locals who are looking to get their physique in top shape.

The Boxing Club offers them drill classes such as Cardio Combat as well as boxing and kickboxing training with individual attention by a San Diego personal trainer.

By visiting the boxing club’s informative website theboxingclub.net you can check out different training strategies such as Jiu-Jitsu, the martial art and combat sport that emphasizes ground grappling.

Not only that, interested persons are given coaching on Mixed Martial Arts, a combat sport offered by this health club in San Diego where two competitors try to dominate each other using many different martial arts techniques such as striking, grappling and submission

Extensive press coverage clippings can be found on their web site.

Friday, September 15

Do you know that Lake Tahoe is 35 km long and 19 km wide?

Trendwest getaway recently released a web release for their Pacific Northwest Vacations. Since I am blogging about web releases that arouses my interest, I devoted some time on the vacation destinations they offer.

Lake Tahoe is the one that made me read more about it.

Lake Tahoe, a fresh water lake is often referred to as the perfect year round vacation and wedding destination with terrific weather and breathtaking scenery!

It is located in between the California and Nevada border.

I was amazed by its 35 km and 19 km length and breadth respectively.

The other destinations are Angel’s Camp California, Reno Packages, San Francisco Vacations, Seaside Oregon, and California Wine Country.

The packages include your accommodations and special goodies.

The starting package cost is only $79, perfect for your next romantic trip, family vacation, or just a weekend escape.

Trendwest getaways is owned by Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Inc, the world's leading developer of diversified and flexible vacation ownership products with more than 750,000 owner families worldwide.

Wednesday, September 13

Why my nose bleeds frequently?

My earliest memory when I first noticed blood streaming down my nose was when I was studying 3rd Std.

I did not notice it at all because there was no pain associated with it. One of the class mates started screaming when he saw the blood on my shirt.

I do not remember now who gave the first aid, but I remember that someone applied wet cloth on my nose and asked me to tilt up my head to stem the flow.

I experienced it again a dozen times after that before my parents took me to a doctor.
One look at my face and he declared that I have a deviated nasal septum (DNS).

I did not know what it meant, but I told him my nose bled when the temperature is very hot outside, or when someone squeezed my nose playfully or whenever I ate very hot food.

Anyway, it happens occasionally now; I am not too concerned as I am accustomed to it by now.

But now after all these years, I think I should have undertaken a rhinoplasty. This idea struck me when I was doing a research on Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery which linked me further to rhinoplasty Toronto.

That’s how I found out about Dr.David Ellis, an exceptional board certified cosmetic surgeon in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Patients from all over the world seek his assistance for their requirements for such cosmetic surgeries like facelift, forehead lift, midface elevation, rhinoplasty, and chin and cheek augmentation.

Dr.David Ellis also offers less-invasive rejuvenation procedures like Botox and other injectable fillers, photodynamic therapy, treatment with radiofrequency and laser technology, lifting of the jowls, neck and cheek mounds using delicate threading sutures, needle liposuction, S-lifts and neck lifts.

Dr. Ellis’s envious credentials are:
He is a member of:
*The Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery;
*The American Academy of Facial Plastic& Re-constructive Surgery;
*The Canadian Society of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery;
*The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery;
*The Canadian Medical Association and the Ontario Medical Association.
*He is also President of the Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic and Re-constructive Surgery, as well as the Canadian delegate to the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgical Societies (IFFPSS).
*Dr. Ellis is also a Professor at the Department of Otolaryngology, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Oh, this list goes on, no wonder he is called the surgeon’s advisor.

Who is a Otolaryngologist?

I did not know that my E.N.T. doctor who performed the tonsillitis surgery to me when I was nine years old is also called Otolaryngologists.

Only when I was asked to do a review on rhinoplasty in Houston Texas, I stumbled onto this new word.

Surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery on nose are called Otolaryngologists. But they also do surgery to remove tumors from the oral, nasal, and neck areas and carry out reconstructive ear surgery.

The Rhinoplasty patients:
Those who want to reshape their nose mainly for making it attractive by reducing or increasing its size, or change the shape of the tip or the bridge, or narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between the nose and your upper lip, or to solve a chronic breathing problem approach a rhiniplasty surgeon

Rhinoplasty is the most common of cosmetic surgery, very popular among cine artists, models and beauty conscious people.

Ok, you might have decided on getting a nose job done, but you won’t be able to explain to your doctor exactly what do you want. You might show some pictures to your surgeon as examples; suppose you want your nose to look like Steffi Graf. ( I like her nose very much when I look at her profile). But it is better to listen to the advise of the doctor.

Dr.Russell W. H. Kridel, M.D, Houston's premier facial plastic surgeon, will study the contour and shape of your face, your skin's texture and thickness, and your other features. Once he has done this, he'll have in mind a nose that suits your face and balances with your features.

Trust him for he is considered as the doctor's doctor. When doctors have their noses done, or a member of their family goes in for nose surgery, Dr. Kridel is their choice. They know the inside scoop on who is the best, and they go to see Dr. Kridel.

Don’t you want a star to do your nose surgery? After all you may pay through your nose.(smile)

Do you know ‘pure tumescent liposuction’?

Ask Dr.Amron, the most sought after specialist in liposuction in Beverly Hills.

He is an expert in the following liposuction surgeries:
Pure tumescent liposuction
Mini liposuction
Revision liposuction
Ultrasound-assisted liposuction

Of the above four, he is passionate about ‘Pure tumescent liposuction’.

The advantages of this form of liposuction surgery:
It is performed under local anesthesia.
Safer than other forms of surgeries.
Faster recovery.

He has been featured in countless print publications, television programs, and radio spots.

For those who would like to know the exact meaning of liposuction, I am saving you valuable time from doing your own search in the internet.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which excess fat is removed from a specific area of the body, such as the thighs or abdomen, by means of suction.

It is performed by board certified doctors only.

The cost of this cosmetic surgery depends on several factors like how much fat you want to be removed (max 10 pounds only), the area in your body from which the fat is to be removed, the form of liposuction you choose, the reputation of the surgeon etc.

I think this surgery is not covered by insurance, but it is advisable to check up with your insurance company.

Of course many financial institutions come forward to assist you with the required funds.

What impressed me when I was browsing their website (expertliposuction.com) was some of the testimonials of which I reproduce a portion of it written by a patient named L.H. from U.K.

“Just two and a half weeks after the operation I seem to already be back to normal…except for a tiny bit of sensitivity around my abdomen. The insertions are now just slight red marks and are fading very fast. I have been working out in the gym with no problem and I could already wear a bikini with complete confidence that no one would even notice that I had had surgery.

‘Dr. Amron really does Rock

Yours in good faith"

This speaks volumes about Dr.Amron’s reputation and dedication.

Tuesday, September 12

Do you know a bald ladies club?

Is this the first time you are hearing about a bald ladies club like me?
But it exists. Try a search on google and you will find it.

However surely you have heard about bald men club! Its members vehemently reject Rogaine, Propecia, transplants and wigs.

I wonder what will be the reaction of Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, the head of New York hair transplants, if he is invited to attend the bald men club’s anniversary.

He may probably invite a few members to his office with the hope that they might change their mind (head?) after seeing some of the satisfied patients.

Dr. Epstein personally performs every one of the 500-plus hair transplant procedures done at the FHR every year.

This testimonial is by Rafael, a real patient who could not believe that a hair restoration could really be undetectable- “until I did my homework and found a real doctor, not a clinic, one who could deliver what he promised: a completely natural appearance.”

What a difference! Undetectable scars & perfect hairlines!

Dr. Epstein now offers the technique of follicular unit extraction

In this method, healthy hair follicles are removed from the unaffected areas of your head and implanted by surgically transferring where it is required.

Surgical hair transplantation is done some times even from a hair donor.

In India, hair weaving is very popular among balding males, but I heard that it requires maintenance.

If you wish to obtain as much information as possible as to what type of procedure you may be a candidate for, please fill out an online form at foundhair.com

Do you what is irezumi?

Irezumi means 'tattoo' in Japanese.

Tattoo is associated with various interesting meanings for different people.

If I am given some pictures of tattoos, I might not infer anything out of it.
But not to Meghan Sovell, who was extremely anxious about her mother's health. She took a friend's advice and inked the Arabic equivalent of the word 'courage', near her abdomen.

When her mother recovered from illness, Meghan got a dragon inscribed on her leg. To her, the beast represents might and toughness of spirit. She says she derives strength from these permanent tattoos.

What a belief!

Naveen, who runs a tattoo studio on College Road in my home town Madras, says different kinds of people go in for tattoos for a variety of reasons. Tattooing might still be symbols of power and rebellion, but it is also a popular way to express love and affection.

Take the case of Katryna Beaupre, whose tattoo is a memorial to her father. It's on her back and reads, ‘Gerry, a mon pere adore’ (Gerry my father, I adore you).

When Czech born Jeanette Denkerova, came to Madras, India to pay a visit to Bala Gurukulam, she wanted to adopt a male baby named Subash. But due to legal complication, she could not fulfill her desire.

She says it was in India "I found true love." Subash, the baby boy, who was rescued from a dust bin, has made all the difference to her life and she wanted to let the world know. So, she got Naveen to translate her thoughts into lines in Tamil and inscribe them on her back. In the 'love note', she calls herself Subash's mother and a sister to all the other orphaned children housed at Bala Gurukulam.

Even if she can't become Subash's mother in the legal sense, she is a mother to Subash already. Those lines in Tamil are a permanent reminder of the fact. "I'll never remove this tattoo. This love is different from what you might feel for a boyfriend or a husband. Like the tattoo, it will stay permanent."

If you are looking for cool tattoos such as tribal tattoos, the complex design of Celtic tattoo, the myriads variety of animal tattoos, tattoos of spiritual nature, please go to rankmytattoos.com and get benefited by their tattoo design advice as well as one of the best collections of tattoo flash in the world to help you make that all-important tattoo design choice.

News source: ‘The Hindu’

Hunab Ku-The Great Mayan God.

Being familiar with the Hindu mythology, I found Mayan mythology very much similar to it. I love reading about our ancestors irrespective o...