Wednesday, February 27

Do hedge funds pose a risk?

But I have a different knowledge about hedge funds. But then, I must concede I am no financial wiz; I must accept it as true when another financial expert Paul Kanjorski, Head of the House Capital Markets Subcommittee was quoted in A.E. Feldman’s financial jobs blog, a popular hunting place for job seekers.

I should ask my husband to study this blog in detail and put to use in our daily share trading. He is the right man to understand quickly and then he can teach me.

A.E. Feldman Associates is rated as the best in recruiting field of top level finance executives. Their practice areas include financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products.

A.E. Feldman’s blog features latest job opportunities in the field of legal and finance. All postings are for top level executives such as Vice President, Senior Directors and so on.

Do you know Luxury Flowers?

Iris flower is called as Luxury Flower but I don't know why it called so. The name Iris is derived from a Greek word for Rainbow. It symbolizes the many varieties of Iris flowers found among the many species. It is also the state flower of Tennessee.

I have seen a bouquet of Iris flowers at a website. Oh yes, now I remember where I have seen the name Luxury Flowers-it is at the website.

A generous bouquet of 20 stems of spring's prime purple irises bound with lamb's ear are presented in a muslin drawstring bag, coupled with a 2.0 oz bottle of Iris Perfume by Perlier and its price tag is a whopping $85. Isn't it very costly?

It is probably because of the natural perfume that comes with the bouquet. This flowers personifies the word "Compliment".

Do you know this creative book shelf?

Given below are two pictures. I am not going to ask you to compare and judge which is the best one, because I already know your answer. My question is .....

My question is 'Where is this stunning book shelf is available'. I have asked this question to the author of a blog post from where I found out this designer book shelf.

I am very happy to make this blog post. I am sure many of you will want to purchase this book shelf. Some may turn this idea to their advantage and make a new business opportunity.mrgreen

But even this book shelf won't be properly used by me as I am not at all an organized person. I will just throw my books all over this shelf. I hope my husband don't see this blog post. I am sure he will show his redface.

Image courtesy: Google images and

Planning to move out?

Days have changed and changed for the better. Internet has made it possible for all of us. And it has spread in every area of our life which we would not have imagined possible a decade ago.

People in various services such as military, banking are kept moving across the country as and when they get transferred due to various reasons but mostly when they get a promotion. While their children are exposed to new geographical regions that enrich their life experience and their character is shaped, the actual moving itself may be dreaded by the elders of the family.

For their benefit, I would like to write about Service Network that will take care of the packing and moving and thus lessen their worries related to it.

Service Network has developed their business and reputation by meticulously setting up a network of moving companies that go through a strict application process to ensure a quality moving company. Individuals and families select the best movers and get a quotation online, compare and select the company that they think is best for them.

Service Network has also pre–negotiated up to 65% discounts for your move.

Monday, February 25

Machu Picchu-rare photo.

Look at this stunning but rare photo of Machu Pichu and tell me does it deserve to be included in any one's rare picture album.

Just following an urge, I wanted to find the best natural picture yesterday and I found this on my second search.

Machu Picchu in Dawn Mist, Cordillera de Vilcabamba, Sacred Valley, PerĂº.

Machu Picchu is a pre-Columbian Inca site located 7,875 ft above sea level. It is situated on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru, which is 80 km northwest of Cuzco. Machu Picchu is also known as "The Lost City of the Incas".

Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is something spiritual about this place and its existence even today is a proof that there is a spiritual strength lies here. Peruvian history should be read by you to know what I am talking about.

Another interesting observation by me is, wherever I read about Machu Picchu, it is backed by beautiful photographs of Machu Picchu. That place must have God's residence.

If you are mad about beautiful pictures and if you know the power of appreciation, you will visit this web site now:

Monday, February 18

Take Government permit to smoke.

I am not joking folks but I am reporting a news I read in 'Guardian" dt 15th Feb 2008.

The Ministry of Health in England has proposed to implement a ban on selling cigarettes to anyone who has not procured a permit from the British Government by paying 10 Pound Sterlings.

"Oh, it only 10 bucks, come on let us go and get it"-knowing this would be the response from Britain citizens, they are going to make the procedure of getting the permit very cumbersome and annoying says Julian Le Grand, who is a professor at the London School of Economics and was Tony Blair's senior health adviser.

Oh, well, so be it. In my state too, a health minister is going to make the state smoke free in the next two years.

Can it be all a rumor? Who knows but I know only this much; there is no smoke without fire!

Upcoming Tamil film in Wikipedia!

I was not actually searching for a proper article in this blog. I have a ton of material to blog for the pleasure of me.

Something told to write something for which I have no interest. I browsed through Wikipedia's home page and was surprised to something about a Tamil film called 'Aegan'. The name evoked my interest as this is the first time I am coming across this word 'Aegan'.

Someone took the pains of writing about this upcoming movie in Wikipedia. I read the article and noted that Tamil film hero Ajith Kumar is starring in this film and he is paired with Katrina Kaif-the famous Bollywood celebrity.

The film is directed by Raju Sundaram-his debut directorial venture.

BTW what is the meaning of 'Aegan'? Oh, I read that it is one of the names of Lord Siva.

Saturday, February 16

Where can you find maximum gold?

Internet users usually return to their familiar resources for information than searching for the same information from other new resources. This saves us all precious time and also we are assured of authenticity of the information.


For fast facts about any country in the world, people go to CIA world Factbook.

The best of maps can always be found in World Atlas.

For the current gold price or silver price, Internet users will always open

As I am writing this blog post, Monex’s price chart shows a small decline in the price of gold and silver; platinum is showing a big gain.

Monex has been the most trusted and dependable source for precious metals market for more than 30 years. For anyone to sustain this kind of popularity require dedication and knowledge about their niche.

Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

Where can you find the maximum gold in the world?
The Witwatersrand mines in South Africa. (Source: American Museum of Natural History)

Thursday, February 14

13 billion years old galaxy.

Galaxies, stars and planets that are high above us never stops fascinating mankind. I love news on astronomy. It is one field I never feel bored. I keep wanting more.

I click on anything I see about astronomy. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I saw on the Yahoo home page about this 13 billion years old galaxy discovered by astronauts.

Did you miss the news story? Want to watch it here? Though many may not see much in this video clip, I see what I wanted to see.

Please share it.

Thursday, February 7

Do you know the beer made by monks.

Yes dear, this beer is made by monks themselves. Chimay is an authentic Trappist beer that is it is brewed within a Trappist monastery since 1850, under the control and responsibility of the monastic community.

And they also make the best cheese.
While I really don't know anything about beer and its taste, I can however definitely say which is a good cheese. I love cheeses of different unique flavors. I once asked a Kashmiri friend whether safforn flavored cheese is available in Kashmir because that is where the world's costliest spice 'Saffron' is grown.

Trappist monks of Scourmont have known the secrets of making this semi-hard cheese made from good milk from their farm and matured in the vaulted cellars of the abbey.

In the world, there are only 171 Trappist monasteries exist and only 7 of them produce beer. Of the seven monasteries, six are from Belgium and one is from Netherlands.


Saturday, February 2

Find out how you will look with Britney's hairstyle.

Try on a totally new mascara that your friends have been using but you are reluctant to use because you were not sure how you will look.

Wear a gorgeous looking hat or color your eyes with post office red and see how you will look.

I am not joking. These things can be done virtually in your PC.

Virtual reality is exciting and fun filled. To try all these, you must have flash player installed in your computer and shut off your pop-up blockers.

Then go to and see how you would look with different hairstyles, lipstick colors, eye shadows, blush color, colored contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats and more.

I foresee one thing for sure-you are going to get glued to your PC for hours together.

Hunab Ku-The Great Mayan God.

Being familiar with the Hindu mythology, I found Mayan mythology very much similar to it. I love reading about our ancestors irrespective o...