Wednesday, February 27

Do you know Luxury Flowers?

Iris flower is called as Luxury Flower but I don't know why it called so. The name Iris is derived from a Greek word for Rainbow. It symbolizes the many varieties of Iris flowers found among the many species. It is also the state flower of Tennessee.

I have seen a bouquet of Iris flowers at a website. Oh yes, now I remember where I have seen the name Luxury Flowers-it is at the website.

A generous bouquet of 20 stems of spring's prime purple irises bound with lamb's ear are presented in a muslin drawstring bag, coupled with a 2.0 oz bottle of Iris Perfume by Perlier and its price tag is a whopping $85. Isn't it very costly?

It is probably because of the natural perfume that comes with the bouquet. This flowers personifies the word "Compliment".

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