Monday, February 18

Upcoming Tamil film in Wikipedia!

I was not actually searching for a proper article in this blog. I have a ton of material to blog for the pleasure of me.

Something told to write something for which I have no interest. I browsed through Wikipedia's home page and was surprised to something about a Tamil film called 'Aegan'. The name evoked my interest as this is the first time I am coming across this word 'Aegan'.

Someone took the pains of writing about this upcoming movie in Wikipedia. I read the article and noted that Tamil film hero Ajith Kumar is starring in this film and he is paired with Katrina Kaif-the famous Bollywood celebrity.

The film is directed by Raju Sundaram-his debut directorial venture.

BTW what is the meaning of 'Aegan'? Oh, I read that it is one of the names of Lord Siva.

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