Monday, February 18

Take Government permit to smoke.

I am not joking folks but I am reporting a news I read in 'Guardian" dt 15th Feb 2008.

The Ministry of Health in England has proposed to implement a ban on selling cigarettes to anyone who has not procured a permit from the British Government by paying 10 Pound Sterlings.

"Oh, it only 10 bucks, come on let us go and get it"-knowing this would be the response from Britain citizens, they are going to make the procedure of getting the permit very cumbersome and annoying says Julian Le Grand, who is a professor at the London School of Economics and was Tony Blair's senior health adviser.

Oh, well, so be it. In my state too, a health minister is going to make the state smoke free in the next two years.

Can it be all a rumor? Who knows but I know only this much; there is no smoke without fire!

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  1. My goodness I have not heard of that. Here in America there are taxes added on to the price of cigarettes, and the taxes keep going up and up. But as a customer, to have to purchase a permit! That it coming at it from a totally different angle.

    I'm glad I don't smoke.


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