Monday, May 7

A market place for students and teachers.

Learning should be a pleasant experience-whether you learn it online or offline.

Both modes of learning have its own advantages and disadvantages. But having studied online for post graduate degree, I am for it. It saved me a lot of time and money. I did not miss the camaraderie at all because I did attend a day scholar when I was a teen agar.

Internet has thrown open its door for one more e-learning community online and Tutorom serves as an ideal marketplace for students and teachers.

A marketplace is where one can sell or buy his products or services in exchange of money or service. is a free web site where lessons in varies subjects are available. Teachers can charge a fee also for their lessons.

Tutorom has been created mainly to facilitate anyone to create and deliver e-learning content, free of charge.

Soon, students can feast on their video tutorials, numbering 55K in computer training faculty. Anyone can create their own courses, and either charge for them, restrict access to them or deliver as public courses with advertising being split 50/50 between tutorom and the author.

Teachers and students should bookmark this website.

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