Friday, May 25

Helicopter tour of West Maui.

I was sponsored to write about hotels and resorts in Hawaii earlier. But I have not seen this spectacular view in any of the Hawaii travel websites.

Just look at this picture and how cool it is your eyes. It is absolutely serene and silent.
The website Big Kahuna Hawaii correctly said, "this is the perfect tour if you want to see remote landscapes and plenty of spectacular waterfalls cascading down imposing sea cliffs. You will fly above West Maui and then on to the island of Molokai and see views that will take your breath away! "

Whenever I am on hills, I become rejuvenated and feel very active. Hills make me chill. I am not for hot beaches as I am born and brought up in Madras, a coastal city in India. I have had enough of shorelines.

I have never seen a waterfall from the sky. This would be perfect opportunity to enjoy the blue green mountains of Hawaii.

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