Monday, May 14

Do you know DECT?

Business people who regularly conduct online audio conference might of aware of this new technology called DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).

We are all using the wireless technology as regular cordless phones but we don't know actual technology behind it.

The latest product from Net Gear is their Dual Mode Cordless Telephone.

So whats new?

The SPH200D Cordless Phone will enable you to make FREE call to your friends over the Internet AND make and receive traditional phone calls as well – this phone plugs into your “Land-Line”.

What you can do is have to plug the supplied base-station into your phone line and you've got a regular working telephone that can connect to the usual land line services.

Now just connect it to an ethernet broadband connection to enable it to connect to the Internet.
From ethernet port of your router, give a connection to your PC's ethernet. Of course you are already using SKYPE-right?

Let us go VOiP

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