Tuesday, May 1

I am late by a week.

But that’s alright. There is always another time.

Only last Wednesday, I have planned my yearly vacation and arranged flight tickets, hotel reservations, car rental and all, through an online travel site.

Had I delayed my planning by just a week, I could have saved nearly $200 and don’t you agree that it is a big savings? With that saved $200, I could have booked myself a vacation resort and had it all to my family.

Hotels Reservations offers fantastic discounts on hotels, flights, car rentals, vacation resorts.

Actually, I did the same planning with Hotels Reservation and the entire online arrangements were smooth and finally when I saw the bill, my heart sank because their rates very unbelievably competitive and I really rue my bad luck.

The choice of hotels and other resorts offered by them are many compared to other travel sites. Florida was my destination and I found some of the hotels that are nearer to many sight seeing attractions.

Now, coming to the flight tickets deal, Hotel Reservations must have stuck a deal with popular flight operators to offer us big, fat discounts on flight tickets.

People tend to neglect the after sales service of travel services. But what I noticed with them is their 24 hours, 365 days telephone support. This is just great. We can always call them to make a few last minute modifications in our choice of vacation package and they are only too happy to oblige.

Finally, a word about the type of vacation package we dream can be fully customized in their website. You can choose the exact number of days you would like to spend, what type of accommodation is preferred etc.

Travelers always want as many options as possible with respect to hotels or resorts. HotelReservations.com has a big network of hotels that can fit any kind of budget.

I must remember to utilize their services next year.

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  1. Thanks for writing about our site HotelReservations.com, your review means a lot to us.

    Please consider us to book your hotel needs when you and your friends travel next time.....from management of HotelReservations.com



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