Saturday, May 26

Google on Mysore University.

This is good news. Very good news really.

Google has come forward to digitize more than 800k books and manuscripts of Mysore University.

The most heartening aspect in this endeavour is this:
India’s first political treatise, the ‘Arthashastra’ written in the 4th century BC by Kautilya is included in the manuscript. What a value it will add to world's history and heritage!

Academicians and students are all looking forward to this Himalayan effort. Manuscripts on ayurveda, mathematics, medicine, science, astrology and economy will go digital.

Google will also provide expertise, software, and manpower for the digitization work. Whereas, Mysore University is training some of its select Physics students to help in the digitization process.

These books and manuscripts were all written either in Sanskrit or Kannada. Mysore University, was founded by Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV in 1916, when he was the Maharaja of Mysore, Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV in 1916.

Source: Tech Shout

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