Tuesday, December 30

The image of an Angel.

This is probably this century's great photograph taken as on date.

Angel, the invisible that we all would like to see ( a paradox?). The good deeds doers, Angels always kindle our fascination whether be believe in them or not.

There is a familiar saying that goes like this: "There is no proof of Angels, but also there is no against them".

But not any more dear; there is a proof of existence of angels and here is a photograph of an angel.

This photo shows an “angel” of light Chelsea's mother saw at Presbyterian Hospital in November.

Some seven weeks after Chelsea was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia when she was about 2 years old, a nurse called others' attention to a monitor showing the door to the pediatric intensive care unit.

“On the monitor, there was this bright light,” Colleen recalls. “And I looked at it and I said, ‘Oh my goodness! It looks like an angel!”

Full story here.

Saturday, December 27

Are comets the cause of epidemics?

Photo of the comet Hale-Bopp above a tree. Thi...Image of the comet Hale-Bopp via WikipediaThe word epidemic won't invoke any great emotion to the modern generations but history has recorded the suffering of millions of people in various parts of the world due to epidemic strike.

Researchers might have pinpointed something or the other that might have caused the eruption of a epidemic disease. But later discoveries have led to various theories that may not always be concurred on the causes.

In 1978, Science Frontier had published a discovery that stated that comets that have entered the earth orbit might have brought with them bacterias and viruses.

To me, it sounds unscientific because viruses and bacterias survive where there is life. Do the discoveries imply that the comets picked up the diseases causing viruses enroute?

"But recent spectroscopic studies of interstellar matter and comets themselves indicate a richness of life-associated compounds that infers that outer space might well be the breeding ground of simple life."-SF dt Jan 1978
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Wednesday, December 24

Clay spheres as bills of lading in 8500 B.C.

What do you reckon these figures might represent? Toys, drawings by a child, some ancient coins?

If you have answered anyone of the above, you got it all wrong!

These clay objects that look like geometrical shapes (cones, spheres, disks, etc.) were actually symbols used in commerce to indicate numbers and types of commodities (sheep, oil, etc.). Unbelievable-right? But the guess work is done by a scholar named Denise Schmandt-Besserat, University of Texas at Austin.

As per Denise, the clay objects which were less than an inch in size were apparently sealed in hollow clay spheres to make bills of lading as early as 8,500 B.C. This is 5,000 years before two-dimensional clay tablets were introduced for writing.

Denise Schmandt
is a p
rofessor emerita of Art and Middle Eastern Studies. Her specialization is "the origin of writing and counting".

Gratitude to Science Frontiers.

Sunday, December 21

The most intricate bird's nest.

Inside the campus where my son now works and lives, there is a small forest. Yesterday, while he along with his friends took a walk inside the forest, he stumbled upon a bird's nest that beat a highly skilled architect's skill.

Look at it below.

This cup shaped nest is so thoughtfully and lovingly built by a bird called Fantail. The size of the nest indicates it can accommodate at least 5 of her offspring. Isn't it ingenious?

My son only took the photo of the nest. I found out that it belongs to Fantail from a general knowledge book that my husband guards over. The image of the stunningly beautiful Fantail is taken from Wikipedia.

Thursday, December 18

Weird Cars entangled.

I am not an avid collector of funny pictures and videos but I do appreciate when I come across such things by chance.

Sometimes, seeing this blog's topic, people used to send photographs of animals, birds, toys and flowers that look out of the ordinary. I mean, you might not have seen them anywhere except in the might Internet.

The picture below is one such a rare one that I did see it in a blog. My first thought when I saw this, "You too?".


Monday, December 15

World's tallest dog.

World's tallest dog is a ; it is 7 foot tall.

I was sent a video clip of this dog by a dog lover who also happens to read this blog regularly. He inquired if I can write about this dog.

I am not an animal lover. I generally stay away from animals-pet or no pet. But I don't mind looking at their pictures. Quite harmless-eh? (smile)

I have seen 5 ft dogs in countryside while traveling but this dog is amazing. His name is Gibson and he has officially entered the records of Guinness.

Watch a slide show here.

Friday, December 12

Bright ideas if you want some action.

Even the most bubbly person might lay low at times. Bored, sullen, lazy are some of the feelings and emotions that are attached at such times.

These are the times, you require someone to come up with bright ideas to put you back into action. Not that you can't cook up something on your own; it's just that others' ideas will work better than yours.

Ok, what if nobody is around? What if your repeated calls and voice messages are unfortunately not answered?

Ask The Hat!

Hugh, come again!

I said, "Ask The Hat" and let the hat decide!

Wednesday, December 10

Still buying 19th century toys?

“What’s wrong with 19th century toys”? –you might ask. Of course there is nothing wrong with them but do you seriously think your children will touch them?

But, yes, you can regale your children about 19th century toys such as Slinky, Lego, Tonka trucks if you happen to own book titled, “Timeless Toys”, an extraordinary book of resources on more than 400 toys.

Now, you can buy cheap toys that are also fun and educative. There is a new arrival at Savebuckets.co.uk called Bacardi Kit that will make a wonderful gift for Christmas.

For those who are unfortunately less creative and are always short of gift ideas, I would suggest you look for puppets in savebuckets.co.uk. Puppets are any time favorites of children up to age 8.

This website is huge, that will give you hundreds of options when you search for any product. You can also compare the prices of the toys from different manufacturers.

Monday, December 8

Great errors in judgment.

Do you know that the ex-president of IBM Thomas J. Watson(1958) predicted that there is no world market for computers?

Does it mean that he lacked faith in his own product? Or did he believe that computers' capability is lower than man's own?

There are several such bizarre predictions in the past that went topsy-turvy within a few years. Such errors in predictions have come experts also apart from the general public.

Even Edison is said to have declared his own reservations about his invention 'The Phonograph'. His own words were,"not of any commercial values". (1915)

Source: Reader's Digest

Friday, December 5

The plant that saved a whale species.

---> Jojoba plant

The Sperm Whale species faced cruel extinction once when it was hunted in great numbers for its valuable oil that is needed for lubricants industry.

The plant that saved is called Jojoba. Known only to the Mexican Indians till 18th century for its medicianl properties, its true worth was discoverd only in 1933.

Lets look at the varied use of Jojoba:
Treats dandruf and skin disorders
Jojoba oil is used to dress hair
Used in preservatives and food processing
Used to make floor waxes, car waxes, disinfectants, shampoo etc

-->Jojoba oil

All this was possible because reserachers found that its oil did not contain fat but pure liquid wax.

Images: Google and Wikipedia

Tuesday, December 2

Amazing vegetable sculpture.

I think the image would make Picasso sit up. This is the ultimate creativity.

This is not a painting folks but a real sculpture made of vegetables! This art is very predominant in South India. Marriage contractors would appoint a special team who would show brilliant art in turning vegetables into real life shapes of flowers, ships and even a marriage hall.

Ju Duoqi-a 35-year-old artist uses boiled, dried, fried, and pickled vegetables, finishing with the fastest-rotting ingredients to create her masterpiece versions made entirely out of vegetables.

Visit her studio.

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