Friday, December 5

The plant that saved a whale species.

---> Jojoba plant

The Sperm Whale species faced cruel extinction once when it was hunted in great numbers for its valuable oil that is needed for lubricants industry.

The plant that saved is called Jojoba. Known only to the Mexican Indians till 18th century for its medicianl properties, its true worth was discoverd only in 1933.

Lets look at the varied use of Jojoba:
Treats dandruf and skin disorders
Jojoba oil is used to dress hair
Used in preservatives and food processing
Used to make floor waxes, car waxes, disinfectants, shampoo etc

-->Jojoba oil

All this was possible because reserachers found that its oil did not contain fat but pure liquid wax.

Images: Google and Wikipedia

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