Sunday, October 31

Stunning facts about fruits.

Calling stunning or amazing, the fact is it is worth knowing about, at least for academic interest.

This blogs is always looking for rare facts about people, animals, birds, places and plants. Two days before, I stumbled on to a blog that published similar blog posts that include weird facts about people, animals, earth and more.

I clicked on the title, "amazing fruit facts' and saw a video clip for about 3 minutes. At the end of it, I am richer by interesting knowledge about different fruits that are not known to many.

Here is a sample for you:
Do you know that the pappaya fruit contains a mineral called Papain that is considered as a natural meat tenderizer?

Here it is, the video clip about amazing facts about fruit.

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Thursday, October 21

Cheap silver bullion.

Do you know that you can buy silver bullion at dealers’ cost?

I used to work in an advertising agency long back where most of the colleagues’ dining room talk was always on bullion buying and selling. At that time, I just graduated and it was my first job.

I did not know anything about trading in silver and gold bullion.

Today, the story is different. I have become a highly experienced precious metals investor due to my association with several gold clubs. The most useful among them is the U.S. Gold Bureau.

I have been a regular visitor to and I have subscribed to their valuable newsletter called ‘Gold Monitor’.

Just 5 days before, the U.S. Gold Bureau had announced a special Internet sale of some rare bullion coins at cheap rates.

I am yet to avail of this wonderful investment opportunity. I though I would let you know about this great news.

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Sunday, October 17

Do you know how to find out the number of back links for your website?

If you are a serious internet marketer, you cannot deny your effort to build up backinks for your website-agreed?

How do we generally build up backlinks?

  • We submit our site to directories.
  • We write articles and submit to article directories.
  • We make our site interactive by adding ‘Blogs’ to our site.
  • We integrate RSS feeds to our site so that visitors to our site are given the facility to subscribe to out site and view the updates immediately in their browser with the help of a news aggregator.
  • We visit sites that are related to our website and request a link exchange.
  • We use social bookmarking sites to tag our web content.

After all these relentless, surely we would like to know how many websites are linking to our website.

I happened to stumble on this wonderful tool, that instantly displays the backlinks.

All you need to do is, enter your website url into the box provided and click ‘submit’ to see the number of your website’s backlinks.

Try it mate. If you like, please pass it on; Share.

I express my gratitude to the owner of this tool.

Tuesday, October 12

Do you know red tide?

Don't be afraid of this sea tide. It is neither blood nor any oil slick.

What you see is called Red Tide. The red color is because of a single cell algae.

The red-tide is mostly harmless though it is said to be fatal to fishes and mammals including human beings.

Red tides occur due to what is termed as algal blooms which means when the microscopic plankton becomes too abundant even for the ocean to bear, they get washed away on the sea shore.

However, there has never any death of a man due to red tide.

What a color combination! It is a beautiful sight-eh?

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Friday, October 8

Bluebonnet won't be picked by the Texans.

The first time I spotted live the beautiful lavender colored bluebonnet (a misnomer?)
in Bangalore, I screamed in sheer delight! My God! What a color.

Below, you can see some of the images of this wonderful flower Bluebonnet. The pictures were taken in the state of Texas.

Look at the spread along the entire stretch.

No wonder the Texans don't pick the Bluebonnet. It is their state's pride that attract tourists who I am sure won't move further from the spot for a long time.

Their cameras can't take them all. People should fill their memory's full content to recall and enjoy.

Highway 306 from New Braunfels to Purgatory Road (almost to Canyon Lake )

Highway 71 from Austin to Brady

Another lovely hue of the flower.
(spot the python)

I read the Texas Government is actively planting the seeds of Bluebonnet along all the highways in their state.

Sunday, October 3

Beautiful blue animals and creatures.

When I blogged about beautiful red colored animals, my husband asked me if I know of any blue colored animals. I said 'no' then.

Today, I pulled him from newspapers and showed him the beautiful blue animals.
Watch some of them below.

Here is a strikingly blue macaw called Hyacinth Macaw. The south Americans are again the pride people to say these birds belong to their geography.

The area surrounding their eyes are bright yellow. What a contrast!

This is a poisonous blue frog named 'Blue Arrow'. It seems there frogs of every imaginable color-eh? Again, it is Amazon forests that houses them.

Blue Ribbon Eel:

Blue Lobster:
Yes, you can eat it but it will mot be blue inside. Only the shell is blue.


Saturday, October 2

Do you know Crohn’s disease?

I did not know what Crohn’s disease is until today. Without scaring you, I will tell you briefly about Crohn’s disease. On the other hand, would you rather learn it yourself?

If that is your wish, then it is better you first visit the website of O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath, a Texas based team of personal injury lawyers who are at present busy in handling Accutane lawsuit.

Why I am asking you to visit a legal site to learn about Crohn’s disease instead of directing you to an in depth article about Crohn’s disease? Because, eventually you will end up in a medico legal site as most of the articles related to Crohn’s disease would direct you there.

For those who would prefer to read the relevant information about Crohn’s disease here itself, please read below.

Crohn’s disease is related with intestinal disorders (bowel disease) that occur after taking a medicine called Accutane to cure certain acne!

Unbelievable-is it not?

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