Sunday, June 28

Rare photos of Sourav Ganguly and Schin Tendulkar.

Yes, I can recognize this face but only after I was told who he is at present.
You will too when you browse further down.

I can spot Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly. Who is in the middle?

Prefect match.

Ganguly at his Calcutta bungalow.

The two big cricketing families of India seen together-isn't it a very rare photo?

Tuesday, June 23

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.

This image by National Geographic Channel shows the Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.

At first sight, it doesn't look like a water fall-right?

I heard that every Indian who are great lovers of water bodies, include Snoqualmie Falls in their itinerary. The falls is equipped with an observation deck, and a gift shop.

During high water, the falls take on a curtain form and this picture might have been taken at one such time.

The mists rising from the base of the waterfall are said to serve to connect Heaven and Earth.

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Friday, June 19

The world's smallest whale shark

This is the world's smallest whale shark. And we thought these killer sharks are always huge!

But this species is quite harmless and they travel along the shores of the Philippines every year from December to May. Tourists throng the shoreline to witness this spectacular whale.

Do you its length boss? It measures only 15 inches!

I hope they don't imprison them in aquariums. It is such a crime!


Friday, June 12

Silky facts.

Not many people are aware of the fact that it is only Chinese that made the first silk from silk worms. It was as early as 5000 years ago. But we Indians still believe that we only made the silk first.

I think, somehow Indians too learnt to make silk from silk worm 3000 years ago. I give below some pictures of silk being made from silk worm cocoons.

It takes around 30,000 silkworms to produce 12 pounds of raw silk.

Silk worms are fed only mulberry leaves.

An umbrella made of silk fabric:


Tuesday, June 9

Do you know indigo children?

Indigo childrenImage of an indigo child via Wikipedia

Psychic children are those that are gifted with extra sensory perceptions. It is their birth gifts.

Psychic children are also known as indigo children and crystal children. They posses mysterious paranormal powers such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and future prediction.

Medical field has no clues for this skill.

In my family, I know of a person who at his very young age of just 6, used to solve complex mathematical problems. Yes, he was a math prodigy.

Some rare psychic children are also empowered with clairsentinence which can help feel the sense of feelings of others. This is truly a phenomenal paranormal ability indeed.

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Friday, June 5

Triangular shaped UFO sighted.

UFO-man's eternal mystery but so far concretely unresolved, evokes immense interest whenever some UFO sightings are reported in newspapers.

UFO sightings reported thus far were always about a disc shaped object. Now, for the first time, a triangular shaped UFO sighting is reported in Ohio. Not one buddy but two UFO appeared to a man who was reported to have seen the UFO while driving.

They were seen at low altitude with flashing lights.

The observer said, "The lights beneath the craft seemed to behave somewhat erratically. I slowed my car and watched from the side of the highway for several minutes."


Tuesday, June 2

Amazing Ice Architecture.

Even today, if you go to the Marina beach in Madras, you can see stunning creations in sand. Buildings, palaces, hills, images of various Gods are some of the creativity you can see and you can watch a live creation in progress.

Here are four pictures that show fantastic work on ice. Truly brilliant.

I like the White House. It is superb.

The pictures were forwarded by my son through email.

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