Tuesday, November 27

Do you know dark colored beer?

Neither do I. In fact I don't drink but my husband takes occasionally. But he doesn't take beer. Says, he doesn't like anything frothy. What a weird concept!

But he has lot of information on anything. He will be surrounded by all sorts of people in party because of his ability to enthrall people with odds and tidbits.

I saw him only on last Sunday evening excitedly engaging a group of college youth but I did not hear anything except some thing called a dark beer.

It is said to be a product of Brazil, a beer in dark, chestnut color. Yes, it is a Lager type of beer made from natural ingredients. It is not very bitter; you can call it a medium bitterness with roasted chocolate malt character.

Thursday, November 22

For fun, sun and thrill, head to...

Winter in India is comparatively milder than Canada and many places in Europe. But Spain is an exception, at least for me.

I have traveled in Spain extensively but only virtually through books. I habitually note down places of interest and fun in my notebook called “One day…”.

My first choice in Spain after landing in one of the Benidorm hotels will be to go to Mundomar. I know your eyebrows are raised but let me assure you that it is a must see place in the world.

It is a marine animal park located in Benidorm. It is twinned with the water park Aqualandia, which is directly adjacent to it

Many different species can be viewed at Mundomar, including Dolphins, Sea Lions, Penguins, and many more marine and land animals.

My next destination will be to see those architectural marvels of Barcelona. Barcelona means romance to me. Barcelona hotels offer plenty of options for all class of travelers. I won’t find any problems in finding the right hotel even at the last minute because I can always bank upon CheaperthanHotels.co.uk

I won’t also miss seeing Alicante, one of the fastest-growing cities in Spain. The local economy is based upon tourism in the beaches. Most of the Alicante hotels are clustered around the beaches.

The most important festival, the Bonfires of Saint John, takes place during the summer solstice. This is followed a week later by seven nights of firework and pyrotechnic contests.

Wait, someone is at the door. I will continue writing about other places of interest in Spain, tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 20

My successful application for a franchisee.

I directly walked in to the office of a BPO organization without any appointment and asked for the person in charge of sales and marketing.

I opened my well prepared speech about why I am their best choice as a franchise in my locality. Substantiating my claim by providing ample proof of my 10 year old academy and the number of students I coach every year, I forced him to listen to me attentively. This encouraged him to decide in favor of me.

Actually, the application was for a franchisee of a multi national computer education institution. I have confidence in procuring admission though I did not reveal that I have bought a business list from a reputed mailing list provider Martin Worldwide.

I have great faith in their ResponseCom, the database of mailing list that was compiled after decades of tracking and filtering.

Do you know Red-whiskered Bulbul?

The torrential rain might have probably destroyed its nest and that may be the reason this bird landed on my husband's lap today morning.

And he is a well known bird watcher in his circle. I identify birds only by their sounds but my husband knows more.

This rather shy bird is called Red-whiskered Bulbul, quite common in Madras. Though it is not a great singer, I like its shallow calls in chirpy notes.

They feed more on insects than on fruits. Both the male and female birds look alike. They can be seen in flocks like babblers.

They take off swiftly when they sense danger.

Do you know the flyer wall?

We throw away several flyers every day that reach us through our car window shield, comes attached with our local dailies or it get thrust in our hands while we are walking on the roads.

The term flyer refers to single page leaflet advertising anything from a nearby candy store to a pub.

This inspired a man named Dixon to create a virtual wall where anyone can display their flyers for a fee. I am sure he would offered the virtual wall space for free initially and charged a fee when his virtual flyer wall gained popularity in the search engines.

As you can see, the wall is plastered with hundreds of flyers of various hues and colors. Each flyer is clickable to the concerned website.

A cool website really and a nice way to earn.

Monday, November 19

What is geo-targeting?

Internet marketers that use business leads are aware of targeting their ad campaign based on ip. This ip targeting method of reaching a customer is the basis of geo-targeting.

Geo-targeting is the method of determining the physical location of a website visitor and deliver different content to that visitor based his location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code, organization, ISP or other criteria.

The Knot Inc, leading life event media and services company has implanted this marketing method in its new web site Lilaguide.com which itself is a unique concept.

It is intended to help every parent in America by providing a chance to give their feedback on bay products. By this way, the website also facilitates them to read the feedback of other parents before they buy baby foods, baby beds, toys and games for babies etc.

In their latest web release, Lilaguide.com announced the launching of their website with 32,000 listings and over 120,000 reviews from real parents who want to share their advice on baby products, services, and activities in 5,000 neighborhoods across the U.S. from New York to L.A., Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Miami.

When there are so many social networking sites that have no real purpose other than simply chatting or sharing of photos and videos, Lilaguide.com uses the same platform to provide great value to parents.

New moms and dads and expected moms and dads should immediately visit lilaguide.com if they are serious about nurturing their parenting qualities.

Each listing in lilaguide.com contains first hand parent ratings and candid commentary with easy-to-find contact information for family-friendly eateries, activities, service providers, and baby gear retailers.

Oh, I almost forgot about the subject line. Lilaguide.com is equipped with geo-targeting technology that allows moms and dads to find the items they want to buy within a one-mile radius of their driveways.

Hire me.

No, I am not for hire but several products are such as computer, golf club, two wheelers and more at My Private Hire.

This concept though not new but rarely used by who else but me. (smile)

The local daily advertises almost everything for hire except parents and wives. I always wondered who are their clients because I am yet to meet someone that said, "Hey! I did not buy this crystal chandlier but I just hired it for the occasion".

This UK website was said to provide various items that are used in our day to day life. Note the tense I used-yes, it is past tense. By the time I visited this website, its domain has already expired.

I wrote this piece some time back and saved it as a draft. May be this may inspire another to buy the expired domain.

Do you know weed whacker?

Wait! Don't think it is a golf club meant for giants. It is only a weed whacker.

I too mistook it for a golf club at first glance. I have never held a golf club in my hand. But I have a collection of used golf balls. In fact it easily fits into a traditional golf bag.

This funny looking golf club is called "Big daddy driver". Not only does it look like a driver, it really cuts the grass.

I wonder if all the leading golf clubs are aware of this crazy product! It is priced only at $45 but the website says the supplies are limited (?). A sales gimmick probably-isn't it?

Saturday, November 17

Earn air miles even without traveling.

And you thought you will get free air miles only when you travel frequently? Not necessary. You will get free air miles even when you have never boarded a plane.

Simple! Airline Miles Credit Cards reward you generously with free air miles when you use their credit card for any purchases. You may buy books online, bid successfully in an auction site and pay with airline miles credit card.

Who are offering these airline miles credit cards?
All the major credit card issuing banks issuers such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citibank are actively promoting these cards.

But please note that the offer varies with each credit card. So, it is better to compare them online with creditcardsearchengine.com and choose the best offer.

Who read your email?

How you and I wish to know if our email is read? Also how it will be if we know the reader's physical location, IP address, the time the email was read and what OS they used?

Yes, I am talking about an ideal email tracking system. Who Read Me email tracking service allows you to track email you sent. You will get notification instantly once your recipient read your email.

Join for free and register all your email accounts. Now, wouldn't that be very convenient instead of creating an account for every email you use?

Is there a hitch? Yes, you can only send 5 email a day to be tracked.

The web site is nicely designed with attractive colors.

Print your next year calendar.

The year 2008 is just 45 days away. You can print your calendar now online from Keep and Share.

You can store and share all your files and photos too apart from calendar with Keep and Share.
With a few clicks, anyone can create a secure group file sharing center in 30 seconds. Keepandshare.com is like a private "MySpace" where families, friends, clients, businesses, and groups of any kind can keep and share files, documents, calendars, lists, journals and photos safely and privately.

Customize and generate beautiful calendars using several styles and fonts. These calendars can be neatly printed by day, week, month, etc. and be kept up to date as the year goes on.

KeepandShare.com is a new free Web 2.0 service envisioned and created by a team led by Robert Carr, a successful and widely acknowledged pioneer in the software industry.

With over 90,000 registered members KeepandShare.com is among the web's fastest growing sites.

Courtesy: PR Compass.

Friday, November 16

Do you know Mexican Riviera Maya?

Everyone might have come across the popular phrase “History Repeats” but how many can say that they have experienced it in their own life.

My husband is one of the few fortunate people who can say that affirmatively. He is a post graduate in history and he is very good at ancient civilizations and used to regale us with so many tidbits and trivia.

One fine day, he had a chance encounter with a Mexican who introduced himself as a professor of Mayan civilization of which my husband is well versed with.

The professor also owns a luxury beach resort "Riviera Maya", a tourism district in Mexico, famous for its all-inclusive resorts and smaller boutique hotels along the highway and on and near the beach.

His resort is located within the vicinity of the world famous Karisma Hotel. Karisma Hotels is a collection of divinely favored properties on secluded white-sand beaches on the Mexican Riviera Maya.

He confessed to us during dinner at our home that he designed his resort and included all the luxuries that he found in the Karisma Hotel.

Beach beds with ocean-view, beach side bar swings and hammocks are only a few examples of Karisma Hotel features. There is one very unique feature of Karisma Hotel that he spoke very highly of and that is bars with iced tops to keep drinks frosty cold.

Believe me, if I start writing about Karisma Hotels, I may end up with minimum 6 pages in this blog. You will agree with me once you visit their website.

For more information, please contact Pamela Johnston at pamela@pjinc.net or Amanda Deveaux at amanda@pjinc.net or call 212-629-8445.

Do you know Blu Ray DVD?

One of the paid to blog assignment was about Playstation 3, the popular video game console that is priced at $500.

While gathering technical information for the article, I came across an online shopping mall where it is offered with free 5 Blu-ray DVDs.

I thought I must first learn what is Blu-ray DVD and here is what I learnt. A Blu-ray Disc (also called BDray) is a high-density optical disc format for the storage of digital information, including high-definition video.

And what is High Definition (HD) video. High-definition video generally refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, most commonly at display resolutions of 1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080i or 1080p).

Back to Blu-ray disc, it got its name from the blue-violet laser used to read and write this type of disc. Because of its shorter wavelength, substantially more data can be stored on a Blu-ray Disc than on the DVD format, which uses a red laser. A single layer Blu-ray Disc can store twenty-five gigabytes (G.B.), over five times the size of a single layer D.V.D. at 4.7 GB.

Friday, November 9

Just download.

-->Mobile phone wallpaper

There is no estimate as to how far the mobile technology will advance in the coming years. Already, we are not able to cope up with the daily news about mobile technology.

Everyday, new ringtones are released by every other mobile phone service providers. As new models of mobile phones are introduced, they come along with high tech mobile software which enables us to listen to view even an entire film or we are able to listen to music for seven hours non-stop.

Another consumer pulling aspect in the cell phone technology is the pictures and graphics for our mobile phone instruments. These striking images are offered at several websites too for us to download.

The market for mobile is at its peak. Mobile content is any type of media which is viewed or used on mobile phones, like ringtones, graphics, discount offers, games, and movies. Owners of mobile phones can now use their devices to make calendar appointments, send and receive text messages (SMS), listen to music, watch videos, shoot videos, redeem coupons for purchases and so forth.

One glance at Thumbplay.com will make you become its member immediately to enjoy loads and loads of mobile content.

Thursday, November 8

Payday loans via telephone.

Till January 15th 2008, we have several festivals. Today, is the festival of lights called ‘Deepavali’. I miss my sister and her family today as they are living in America. I don’t know how this festival will be celebrated abroad by the Indian communities.

Whatever it may be, I don’t suppose they will be short of cash for any occasion. They can always avail themselves Payday Loans at very short notice.

All they have to do is log on to their Internet and key in ‘payday loans’ and hit the search button. Instantly they will view several websites that offer payday loans. One can get the best quotes from many such service providers, compare online and apply.

Without any hassles like credit check or address verification, their application will be processed very quickly and the loan will appear in their salary based checking account the next day.

Paydayloanquotes.com is a great resource for getting quotes from a network of payday loan providers. This website is even offering the facility of applying via toll free telephone.

Call them at 1-888-615-4636 today.

Wednesday, November 7

Do you know NASSO?

Records indicate that 60 million U.S. adults are obese and of these 9 million are severely obese. Is there any official organization that studies the causes of obesity? Yes, NAASO, The Obesity Society is the leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity. Not only does it study but encourages research on treatment of obesity.

Having firmly established the cause of obesity which is accumulation of fat due to over eating, Journey Lite specializes in Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding which is also known as LAGB or the LAP-BAND System procedure.

In Tampa lapband surgery, Journey Lite surgeon inserts an inflatable adjustable gastric band through small (laparoscopic) incisions and positions the band around the upper portion of your stomach. This creates a small stomach pouch and passageway into the lower part of the stomach. This procedure will allow you to feel full and satisfied while you actually eat less and lose excess weight.

In this unique treatment method, the patient is less exposed to risks that are commonly associated with other surgeries that require cutting, stapling or rerouting of the stomach or intestines.

This procedure is totally reversible and the recovery period is also very quick. Journey Lite is fully equipped with competent surgeons who are committed to their profession.

Are your children safe?

Sure, they are not in danger right now but to be on the safe side, it is better to know about the sex offenders.

Let us always hope for the positive events, circumstances and experiences. Let us also take a few precautions which will not hinder our day to day life in anyway.

People Finders is a search engine that allows us to search for people. They also offer a free service that will give us access to photos and other details of sex offenders.

Sign up today, and you will have access to sex offender photos, addresses, convictions, and other information. This is a valuable tool for anyone concerned about safety in their neighborhood.

Thank you Peoplefinders.com.

Do you know Anoox?

An online contact of me asked me to look at the social search engine Anoox and compare it with Cha Cha, another popular search engine in the same category. I mean, the search results are based on the users feedback and rating in social engines.

The concept is good so far but I wonder whether people may stand to gain one way or the other to rate the search results.

Ok, here is my experience with Anoox.
I keyed in 'Paid to blog" and hit the search button and the search results are:
"Did you mean this: get rapid to blob, get aphid to bloc or get acid to blot ?
Sorry, we didn't find anything matching your criteria."

Another search for "Blog Promotion"
"Did you mean this: blob promotion, bloc promotion or blot promotion ?
Sorry, we didn't find anything matching your criteria.”

From the above results, I believe it did not understand the word ‘Blog’.

America’s best colleges 2008.

USNews.com has reviewed Capella University. USNews.com is publishing an online magazine that features the latest news in the fields of Education, Employment, Health and Business.

It has recently reviewed and published about Capella University under ‘Americas Best Colleges 2008’.

Capella University is a fully accredited online educational institution offering numerous graduate and doctorate courses.

The courses are offered in several faculties that include business, information technology, education, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology.

Due to high educational costs and hostel fees, online education is gaining more attention among the students community. The Capella University is currently having 20k students in its academic roll. These students are from all over the world (56 countries to be exact).

For more information about capella university, please visit www.capella.edu or call 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552).

Resourceful site for Vaishnavites.

Prapatti.com is the ultimate website for Vaishnavites. It has everything that staunch vaishnavites want to know. You name it and they have it.

Every sanskrit slokam are available either for download or for hearing on the spot in mp3 format. Also, one can find the life histories of every acharyas and Alwars.

There is a photo gallery of 108 divya desams.

What like about this site that it has links to various other sites on the same topic. I give below some:

Srivaishnava Cyber Satsangh - a site with lots of information regarding Srivaishnavism, images and audio clips.

Sri Parakala Matham - Web Site of Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Matham

Srimad 43rd Azhagiyasingar - Life history of Srimad 43rd Azhagiyasingar

Thiruthanaka (Thoopul) - Swami Desikan Avathara sthalam

Vaanamamalai Home page - Nanguneri Vaanamamalai Mutt

Sachin score over stock market.

The news of Indian cricket politics even affects Indian stock market.

When I started watching the countdown for today’s business to open in the stock market, I did not realize that Sachin's refusal to take up the Indian team's captaincy would be the first topic in the stock exchange.

The bell sounded and the business opened followed immediately by the anchor who said Sachin's statement shrouded market's optimism.

I was stunned or did I hear it correctly.

Well, the market moved both ways and none could understand the fluctuation. I was apprehensive and that made abstain from trading. I called it a day and took refuge in mathematics.

India Pakistan match on Panasonic HDTV.

I have a complete communication setup on my computer table. It has all the devises one could ask for. A broadband internet connection, webcam, audio chat facility, a high speed fax machine and a landline with international calling facility decorate my work station.

It is the envy of my husband and son. They accuse me that I am very selfish and I don’t care about their entertainment gadgets. My son has been pestering me for a panasonic HDTV but I kept evading the issue.

Now I can’t evade him anymore because he knows that my wallet is stuffed to the brim due to sudden rush of admissions in my academy. I think he has pre-planned well to hook me when he showed me exactly what he wants (see picture) and also informed me the address of the showroom which sells this TV. And the showroom is right next to our street. Yes, I could sense his urgency because of the forthcoming cricket match between India and Pakistan.

It seems that he took the help of Krillion, the search engine with its comprehensive product range, competitive pricing and location information that helps buyers find the exact TV they want at the retailers nearest to them.

Tuesday, November 6

A crocodile is in jail.

"Just because, you are a crocodile and can't speak for yourself is not an excuse. You have attacked a person and we are forced to put you behind bars".-Police and Wildlife officers in Australia.

However this is amusing and strange, the truth of it might hurt Blue Cross members if they are aware of this news that appeared in Metro.

I quote:
"A crocodile spent the night behind bars at a police station in a remote Australian mining town after it attacked fishermen.".

"Police and wildlife officers found the crocodile in shallow water about 30 yards from the ramp and decided to hold it in the cell until it could be moved to a crocodile farm."

Was it stripped of its arms?-Smile

Monday, November 5

An entire island as vacation rental.

-->Berry Island

Yeah, private islands are scattered all over the world. Though many can be bought, most are already developed as vacation rentals for wealthy persons.

Many islands can be rented out entirely as a vacation rental. Many such privately owned islands are fully owned by top celebrities. Such islands owners or developers usually seek the assistance of a highly reputed travel website to rent their property out and goin2travel.com falls in this category.

One can find several islands listed in goin2travel.com. Also, for your information, their San Diego vacation rentals are always in high demand mainly because it is home to miles of beaches and it boasts of a mild Mediterranean climate

Another very popular place among the tourists is the Newport Beach vacation rentals, 10 miles south of downtown Santa Ana, Orange County, California. The major attraction here is the Catalina Flyer, a giant 500 passenger catamaran, provides daily transportation from the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach to Avalon, California located on Santa Catalina Island.

Another coveted place is the beaches on the Balboa Peninsula and in Corona del Mar. Crystal Cove State Park is located at the southern end of the coast.

Tranquil and pleasant vacation resorts in the earth’s most beautiful places are listed in goin2travel.com.

Friday, November 2

The Garden Isle is beckoning me.

I am a fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, the eminent writer of spirituality. He is settled in Hawaii. He also wrote that every American, irrespective of their financial status, wish to retire in Hawaii.

In various other books also that I read, Hawaii is projected as the dream destination for travelers. Though I never had the privilege to see Hawaii, I have accumulated enough material on Hawaii that I can write a travelogue on Hawaii.

If I ever go to Hawaii, I will first contact HawaiiMlsHomefinder.com. They are a leading vacation rentals provider and many owners have listed their property for rent with them.

And if God is willing, he may offer me the resources to settle down in Hawaii and I have chosen Oahu as my choice. I have heard that Oahu real estate is very costly as it is the most sought after place in Hawaii.

From my database, I know that Kauai real estate offers fantastic ocean front villas and I have saved a specific property there. (See pictures) It is also known as the "Garden Isle", with enchanting valleys and great expanse of the ocean.

Overall, the Hawaii real estate is meant for those who are wealthy. But that is going to deter me. I will nurture my dream and I am sure it will be a reality in the near future.

Hunab Ku-The Great Mayan God.

Being familiar with the Hindu mythology, I found Mayan mythology very much similar to it. I love reading about our ancestors irrespective o...