Wednesday, October 31

The Edible billboard.

Life is so much amusing when I read about odd news. I am crazy about such news except the news has anything to do with violence.

For a moment, let us forget about online advertising and think about offline advertising that includes news papers, stickers, flyers, yellow pages and billboards which is also known as hoardings.

Of all these, I love hoardings that are written with excellent sentences. I have come across many copywriters who are simply brilliant.

Now, this is absolutely bizarre-a giant billboard erected that is made of real chocolate. Yes dear, 860 pounds of chocolate was used to create this billboard.

"The Easter creation, a world first, was made of 10 chocolate bunnies, 72 giant chocolate eggs and 128 chocolate panels, each weighing 2kg. The billboard took three months to plan and 300 hours for the team of 10 to build and was expected to last a week but alas was devoured by Londoners in less than three hours."-

Tuesday, October 30

Do you know the Halloween horror night?

Just I was doing a review on the web release of, another page of their website attracted my attention.

With scary banners, the page described about the annual night event called Halloween Horror Night.

On select nighs during November also, this show is planned at the Universal Studios, Orlando. The following paragraph is being reproduced from their website.
"Plans are being made. Blades are being sharpened. Body parts are being stitched together. Once again, Universal Orlando ® Resort is making preparations for Halloween Horror Nights, ® one of the country's largest and most terrifying annual Halloween events."

Hmm.. they surely prepare you for this horror night. No boss, I am not game for this.

The best Orlando vacation packages.

-->Best Western Lakeside

Can you imagine? This beautiful hotel called Best Western Lakeside charges only $54 per day!

It is ideally located in Kissimmee, Florida. From here, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is just a mile away and two miles away is Walt Disney World Resort.

The room is equipped with satellite TV, wireless Internet access, a mini fridge and a coffee maker. You don’t believe that all these are possible for only $54 per day?

It is true dear. You get these maximum benefits from Their offer of money saving orlando vacation rentals packages include a travel guide whose tips on entertainment, dining, nightlife are excellent value added service.

We get such deals not only on accommodation but on flights and car rentals too. And don’t think the hotel I mentioned above is the only hotel in their network. They have many more choices of hotels and resorts, all in the vicinity of theme parks.

For group bookings, contact 1-800-675-2636.

Where do you buy pranks?

You know all those outrageous costumes, scary masks that are used in Halloween parties-where do you buy them?

Here is a shop exclusively for such items. Visit Prank Place.
Here you can buy the myriad novelty gifts, gag gifts, t-shirts with funny pictures and many more.

Absolutely great inflatables that can be placed your wall, car bumper stickers with humorous sentences, obnoxious gift wraps and hundreds of gifts are offered at this speciality store online.

Car bumper sticker

Take a look at this talking toilet paper. Talking toilet paper allows you to record a message combined with music and then program it to play automatically whenever the toilet paper is used.

Man, what a shop!

Artificial pheromones to attract females?

And you thought humans no longer emanate pheromones though your perspiration? Sure it is true and it may be the cause of evolution though there is no concrete proof.

But you find this news from the world of science a welcome one.
Science has found a way to capture pheromone scents and provide them to the public.

Ok, what is pheromone?
A pheromone is a chemical that triggers a natural behavioral response in another member of the same species. In layman terms, it is the basic material to attract opposite sex.

Some body sprays advertisers claim that their products contain human sexual pheromones which act as an aphrodisiac.

Here is another side of pheromones. Many people have noticed that applying an unscented pheromone before going to the office can have amazing benefits. All of a sudden, people will be listening to your every word and taking your advice to heart. And since no one will be able to tell that you are wearing a pheromone, they will simply think that you are suddenly more effective at the work place. (source:

Where to buy precious metals?

You go for shopping alone when you intend to buy dress, groceries, books, cosmetics, computer and even car. But you may invariably seek an expert’s assistance when you shop for precious metals like gold or silver.

The price of gold may not bother you because even before you enter a jewelry shop, you know its price. So what else is your concern? Why do you want someone else to accompany you?

You are apprehensive about the quality of the gold. We are all novices in this area. We can take a test drive before you pay for a car but while buying precious metals, it is not the case.

But with Monex, you don’t need anybody to accompany you. They are the most trusted name in this industry and the Americans have shown their loyalty to them for the past thirty years.

Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

Monday, October 29

Austria's popular bathing lakes.

When I declined the first prize that I won, I took all the abuses possible. But only I know the reason for my action (rather inaction).

The competition was on for quite sometime. Only a week before it ended, I sent in my entries. It was a test of knowledge and knack. It was a peculiar kind of competition really.

Skipping the details of competition let me come straight to the point. The first prize that I won was a fully paid trip to Berlin, Germany. It was an international competition. I was the only person in India to have won the prize and I was just 18 at that time.

I was afraid of the lonely journey to Berlin; I did not know German language. I had a lot of misgivings about hotels in Berlin. Looking back, I don’t regret my decision even today. Now the time has come; my son is going to be employed in Berlin. I am going to accompany him.

We have decided to leave a week early so that we can see some places in Europe. We have chosen Austria, Spain and Italy for our trip.

Hotels in Vienna threw us plenty of options but we chose a hotel offered by Cheaper than Hotels. The Airport hotel in Vienna was ideal for us because there is an Indian restaurant near by it. We have heard so much about the water quality in Austria. Water in the lakes and swimming pools is so good that you can even drink.

Lake Attersee also known as the Kammersee, is the largest lake of the Salzkammergut area of Austria. It extends for about 20 km from north to south and 4 km from east to west. Its water comes from the Seeache, which flows out of another lake, the Mondsee. Due to its steady winds and clean water quality, Attersee is famous for attracting sailors and swimmers alike.

We were recommended to see kite surfing, a famous sport in Austria. For that we had to change hotels in Vienna due to proximity to Lake Neusiedl. Kite surfing differs from normal surfing by one essential feature: fastened onto the board is not a sail but a ‘water’ kite connected to the handlebar by tethers.

We found out some very cheap flights to Berlin from Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Till my son settles in Berlin, he is permitted to stay in any one of the moderately prized hotels in Berlin. This would be arranged by his employer.

I think I can stay with my son in Berlin for at least 3 days. I am eagerly looking forward to the trip.

Sunday, October 28

The flower that combats obesity.

At the outset, please note that this is not some new discovery or any breakthrough in the science.

The flower Hoodia has been eaten for centuries by San bushmen of the Kalahari to suppress their appetite while hunting. “If that is the case, won’t it be help for obese people”-the scientists asked themselves. Consequently, research is going on to produce anti-obesity drugs from Hoodia.

But yes, there is a first time news regarding this: Hoodia has flowered for what may be the first time in the UK at the Eden project in Cornwall.

The Hoodia plant is spiky and succulent. The flower has a pungent odour. It is reported as a natural appetite suppressor.

Source: BBC News

Wednesday, October 24

Do you know Tonneau covers?

But, you should know first how to pronounce ‘Tonneau’. It is pronounced ta’-no.

Though it was first used to mount passenger seats in an open car, it is now used as one of the truck accessories by mostly pickup vans and trucks. Have you seen trucks carrying pineapples? It is highly unlikely because the pineapples that are arranged neatly in baskets on the truck bed are covered by tonneau cover.

This tonneau cover is then rolled back at the time of unloading the fruit baskets. May be you will understand better when you look at the figures below.

There is one more type of tonneau cover that folds back. Mostly, such covers can be folded back thrice to reveal the truck bed fully. The installation is very easy and done in a few minutes, is a good resource to buy tonneau covers apart from a range of truck accessories that include tool boxes, hitch baskets, grille guards, bed liners and much more.

The gift paradise for homes and builders.

Roland Gifts is the best niche gift shop that I have ever seen and mind you friend, I am not exaggerating. You will quickly agree with my view when you just glance at their home page

The sell attractive and lovely address plaques, stunning doormats that can be personalized, beautiful crocks, bird houses, unique door chimes and door knockers, monogrammed cookie jars, personalized crystal jars and bowls and many more.

For example, please look at the ceramic address sign that can be very easily mounted with screws.

Apart from neighbors envy, these ceramic address plaques endure extreme weather conditions and offer clear visibility to postman, vendors and friends.

I am giving below some more images of personalized mail box, aluminum door mat and exquisite crystal bowls.

They also sell excellent door mats made of coir, rubber door mats and cedar door mats. The entire range is eye catching and serves as valuable and useful gifts.

Builders, architects and realtors can look no further for stunning gifts to their clients.

Friday, October 19

Amazing Portraits Made With A Typewriter.

Do you know that the picture here is typed out of an ordinary typewriter.

Only these symbols were used:
@ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _.

Absolutely amazing-isn't it?

Courtesy: Weird Daily

Thursday, October 18

The complete website for travelers.

Now, this ( is a web site I would consider as the ultimate web site for travelers for the following reasons:

* The site features a blog in which travelers post about their traveling experiences. The first entry that I saw in it was naturally about India by Meags and Jen. They have written about Delhi and Mumbai with a faint humor.

“That evening we saw the Gateway to India where we were hassled to buy giant phallic balloons and blessed by a holy man who gave us our first bindhis (and then asked for money... apparently good luck costs at least 10 rupees). “

* The next attraction is the forum where you can ask questions about various destinations, get to know about the latest travel deals etc.

* I had a nice time looking at hundreds of photos of various places and all these photos are uploaded by travelers like you and I.

Red Fort by Smasha

* The next thing I liked is the search facility. You can search for hotels, cars and flight details for any city of your choice. For example, if you search for New Delhi from their home page, the resulting page contains maps, links to hotels and attractions and blog entries on New Delhi.

Since the website is really interactive, a semblance of authenticity prevails. A traveler requires information and there is no dearth of it in this website.

Throw pillows to cuddle.

I was not fortunate enough to enjoy the sight of children throwing pillows at each other playfully because I have only one son.

But I heard about such joyous moments from my relatives with a bit of pang. What better gift can you give to children than throw pillows with brightly colored pictures?

I simply love selecting gifts for children on their birthdays. It always gives me maximum pleasure. My recent favorite shop is Vision Bedding. They must be genius to have thought of this concept of selling bedding products exclusively. There are hundreds of breath taking bed spreads, pillow covers, blankets and dog beds.

Coming back to throw pillows, you can totally customize their purchases with your own photographs on the pillow covers to express either your taste or the children’s personalities.

You can’t find a better shop for bedding products in the Internet than Vision Bedding.

At ‘Vision Bedding’, the creation of Childrens Bedding process is simple. They use a gentle dying process to infuse pictures, you supply, onto different styles of bedding. The site offers step by step instructions, guidelines for picture uploads and price listings.

Just one look at the pictures in this blog post will tell you volumes about the quality of the pictures.

Tuesday, October 16

Do you know waterless toilet?

Waterless toilet-what a boon it will be for water starved cities like Madras, India.

First look at the image of the water closet below. I know you are eager to look at it.

Looks like any other WC-right?

How it works?
The built-in, 2-speed fan expels odours and condensation from the toilet and bathroom quietly and effectively. The venting duct can be run straight through an outer wall.

Click on the link below to see more pictures on its working.
View here.

About the firm Separett:
The family firm Seperatt AB was founded in 1976 and is one of the leading manufacturers of environmentally friendly toilets in Scandinavia.

After seeing the pictures, I am a bit confused about how it works. I hope their technicians who come to install can explain better.

Monday, October 15

Do you know 944 life?

The Internet's popular magazine is It has launched networks for people living in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Orange County, Phoenix and San Diego individually.

t is publishing what is hot in these cities that includes events and entertainments, fashion and celebrities.

It is a place for citizens of these cities to socialise and interact.

The website is stunning with superb photographs. Members are allowed to create their own web page. In fact you can create a different page for every aspect of your personality, each completely different. You can upload photos, music and video clips too.

Thursday, October 11

How much do you need?

Whatever may be your profession such as doctor, sales representative, fruits vendor or software developer earning a five figure salary, there are times when you face a shortage of cash.

At such times, remember as your savior. They give you cash advance without any credit check and process your loan application in just 24 hours.

You and I can apply for payday loans online for amounts up o $1500. The entire procedure is conducted with faith and trust. The processing of the cash advance request is done securely and anonymously. If approved, the loan amount is then sent overnight via wire into the applicant’s checking or savings account.

Naturally, there are some basic eligibility criteria. There won’t be any exceptions to that. has tied up with several payday loans providers who sanction cash loans ranging from $500 to $1500. Instead of pledging gold at high interest rates and selling valuables for very low prices to meet emergency cash needs, availing cash advance through is a wise thing to do.

Want to create a Halloween Meez?

Avatars are nice ways to express yourself in forums and social networks. This comes handy when people don't want to upload their real image.

Meez is a website that allows users to create their own animated avatars, or “3D I.D.” graphics, for the Web.

Halloween Meez is very popular among youth.

Users choose the gender of their human Meez, characterize them with appearance options, dress them in MeezMaker clothing, and add animations and backgrounds to further display their interests and hobbies.

Meez can also be used along side casual games where the game play drives the emotions of the Meez.

Users customize their Meez by browsing through the MeezMaker. Items to choose are organized into categories: Clothing, Animations, Accessories, and Backgrounds. In addition to these basic categories, the MeezMaker also has a number of themed buttons which group items based on interest, such as: Lil' Mama, Tokyo Street, Warped Tour, Anime, and Brandhabit . Currently there are over 120 themed categories.

I am not technically well versed to create 3D avatars but I believe this information will be useful to many who are adept at such creations.

My courtesy to

Monday, October 8

Free store design by Ashop.

The Internet will be a useless desert without ecommerce. Not a single item can be sold, nor a cent can be sent across the world with out ecommerce.

Today, with the help of ecommerce, billions of dollars worth of business is being transacted daily through the Internet. One can send or receive money to the opposite side of the globe with ecommerce based payment gateways.

Shopping cart and payment gateways used to be developed by software professionals over a long period of time.

Now, if I want to open my online shop selling handicrafts, all I have to do is to approach for their user friendly ecommerce software with which I can build my shopping cart even though, I don’t know anything about the fundamentals of software development.

It is a web based application that requires no complicated installation. It is highly customizable and we can start selling online within a few hours!

For a nominal monthly fee, Ashop Commerce provides the best possible ecommerce solution with award winning features. They also offer a free store design.

Guinea pigs are not pigs.

Guinea Pigs-we have heard and read about them in news papers used as experimental animals in the laboratory.

But do you know that guinea pigs are neither pigs not do they come from Guinea?
Very interesting-isn't it?

Have you seen the guinea pigs? Look at the picture below.

They are originally native to the Andes. The guinea pig plays an important role in the folk culture of indigenous South Americans, especially as a food source, but also in folk medicine and in community religious ceremonies.

In Western societies, the guinea pig has enjoyed widespread popularity as a household pet since its introduction by European traders in the sixteenth century.

"Guinea pig" is also used as a by-word in English for a subject of experimentation; this usage became common in the first half of the twentieth century. Biological experimentation on guinea pigs has been carried out since the seventeenth century; the animals were frequently used as a model organism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Guinea pigs who become familiar with their owner will whistle upon approach.

Gratitude: Wikipedia.

Saturday, October 6

More fun times in your flight.

The reason both I and my husband have been refusing to visit his sister in the U.S. is the 20 hours flying time.

It is inconceivable for us to spend such longs hours in the plane without anything that will engage us interestingly.

I just spotted in an online store, a product that will change our decision to fly to the U.S. It is a sleek portable DVD player from the makers of the novel digital photo frames. This portable DVD player comes with a rechargeable battery pack enabling 4 hours continuous play time.

I am yet to buy it because I am pondering over the size of the screen. Will it be too small so as to affect the viewing pleasure? I suppose a portable 10 inch DVD player should do-what do you think?

I also like the idea of an all in one entertainment gadget. This portable DVD player is capable of playing most DVDs and CDs, including MP3, MP4, VCD, DIVX and JPEG files.

Is it slim? Yes, it is only 30mm in thickness.

Good! I will buy it next month.

Friday, October 5

Do you have the guts?

It is a Monday or the middle of the week. You just feel like staying at home for no particular reason. Don’t say you have never felt like that. We all want to indulge in such pleasures.

But do you have the guts to give in to your urge? Probably not! Of course, I am not saying to ignore your responsibilities frequently.

The same situation will drastically change, if you are on your own; I mean, if you are an entrepreneur yourself with nobody to report to.

Vendstar Provides Opportunity to Be Your Own Boss! They have already created 9,000 bosses worldwide since 2003.

Who is Vendstar?

Vendstar is the exclusive manufacturer of the leading bulk candy vending machine-Vendstar 3000.

By becoming a franchisee of vendstar, you can work from home and set your own hours.
Begin to enjoy unlimited financial freedom. Click on the link above to know more.

Treat every Mondays and Wednesday as Sundays.

Smorty pays you to blog.

It is not that I am lazy to find more opportunities in the paid blogging industry; only I have very limited time nowadays to look for new avenues. I am usually one of the first few persons that have found new ‘get paid to blog’ companies. Smorty is one among them.

I have stored several emails thanking me for introducing ‘Smorty’ to them.

I am also training people who want to get paid for blogging and earn a few hundred dollars every month.

With Smorty, there is no need to advertise anything. You can freely express your opinion about sponsors’ products and services. But generally, negative opinions are not welcome by the sponsors.

Once your blog is approved by, you will get intimated through email, whenever there is a new paid campaign is available. The pay rate is $6 per post but occasionally, there are higher payouts.

The blog post must contain a minimum of 150 words and should contain only one link pointing to the sponsor’s website.

They pay weekly through paypal.

One can register several blogs with them. This is my third blog that is approved by I have taken this initiative after seeing an increase in campaigns.

Sign up today with and get paid for blogging.

Thursday, October 4

Do you know Snowboard Cross?

I was forced to accompany my school children to the skating rink in my city. It was the first of its kind in the entire state. Naturally children wanted to try this sport.

I told them I can only accompany but cannot guide. When we reached the spot, I saw an Anglo Indian lady training a bunch of college students.

I tentative approached her and asked if she could help out our gang. She happily volunteered. She told me that she was a snowboarder once and knows even today the nuances of snowboarding which is almost unknown in India.

When the children were happily enjoying themselves, we went to a nearby restaurant to have a Coke.

My companion was enthused by my interest in snowboarding and she went on explaining about snowboarding boots that were designed specially for snow. The snowboarders even have to wear a helmet and all the accessories including a bag to carry cost much.

I gathered a few interesting facts about snowboarding from her.
*The first modern snowboard was arguably the Snurfer, a mixture of snow surfer, originally designed for his children by Sherman Poppen in 1965 in Muskegon, Michigan.

* Poppen’s Snurfer started to be manufactured as a toy the following year. It was essentially a skateboard without wheels, steered by a hand-held rope.

* The newest event in the snowboarding world is snowboard cross, in which 4 to 6 riders’ race through an obstacle course that includes jumps and moguls.

* Today, more than 3.5 million people have taken up snowboarding

Tuesday, October 2

A resource you can trust.

I was very reluctant to ask my beautician about a query raised by my husband. So far, he never bothered about his baldness but suddenly he wanted to arrest his falling hair (am I detecting something else?).

My beautician took the question in her stride and recommended that my husband start using provillus, a very effective treatment of hair loss in men.

But I have not heard about it till now. My beautician told me that it is her business to keep herself updated about latest beauty care products. She reads reviews of products in blogs and forums. Her favorite website is

She showed me several pages of information on provillus that she compiled from various sources online. Provillus is a totally natural formula for controlling hormonal by-products that serve as the main cause of hair loss in men. It has been found to be very effective, since many people who have tried it have reported back and given positive reviews.

The content of provillus are:
Pumpkin seed extracts,
Amino acids,
Polyunsaturated fatty acids.

I promptly informed my husband all these. He decided to pay a visit to
Yes, it contained reviews and ranking of provillus by a few users.

Also, the website is a good resource to know where one can apply for cash advance to meet emergency cash needs. had published several reviews from different people on payday loans too. There was a feedback from Julie on women’s payday loans. She has written that after reading reviews in, she successfully applied and got a cash advance of $1000.

I wish continue to publish reviews about more products and services.

Do you use Vitamin?

It is fun writing blog articles like this. I really enjoy introducing something new and not very popular.

This vitamin is for web designers and developers.

To cut the length of the article short:
"Vitamin will inspire you, teach you, advise you and sometimes test you with its in-depth features, audio interviews, training sessions and reviews.

It's updated every week, and it's free! So whether you just want to get dirty with the code or plan to topple Google with your next cunning web app idea, Vitamin is your new best friend."

I feel even I can become a professional web developer after I read a few pages on AJAX, Design, Blogs, JavaScript and Coding.

This website requires more publicity.

Monday, October 1

Want to buy money?

First let me tell you that I am not one of those women chauvinists (why always a male chauvinist?) or a women’s lib fanatic. It is just that, whenever I find a product or service that is exclusively for women, I blog about it happily.

In order to oblige a request for a fellow blogger, I was doing some research on cash advance loans for women exclusively. Yes, I found one site that caters to such cash needs of women. If you visit, you can find about Women’s pay day loans which are unsecured loans given until your next payday.

Mostly approval takes less than 24 hours and after approval, the money is usually credited to the applicant’s bank account. is some sort of a cash mall where people who are in urgent need of cash advance, go and buy money. Yes, they buy money with their employment status without anyone verifying their credit status.

I know a friend of mine who is financially sound but still the other day, I saw him asking his relative to arrange a rather small sum urgently. So, we don’t know when we all will be in need of some extra cash.

Pay day loans are ideal alternatives but we have to fully realize the responsibility before availing a loan and our family members should be aware of our loan.

Do you know Detroit City?

Of course you know but may be not what I am talking about!

Hmm… a social network for people of Detroit only?
Yes, why not? I think it is a nice idea to build relationship in a city of diverse ethnic group. was formed to create an online environment for people to connect in the Michigan music industry. Our goal is to provide a sense of community that will facilitate the growth of the Metro Detroit nightlife and entertainment scene”

In Detroit City, one can start a blog or plog to share photos, music and thoughts. Browse others’ profiles, listen to their music creation and chat with your contacts.

Invite friends and business contacts and build your network. Create an online Detroit City.

The number one online hotel booking site.

------>Dublin Castle
I remember a poll that was conducted in my college among students. The topic was “The most coveted place in the world”.

The result was an astounding favorite towards Rome. We could not believe it. We expected Orlando or London.

Though I did not join the college tour to Rome, I gathered plenty of information from the tour party. They visited Rome, London, Dublin and Prague. They somehow did not plan to go to the U.S.

Using my knowledge about ancient Rome, I told my friends to visit first the Colosseum, the largest amphitheatre ever built in the Roman Empire that was said to have accommodated 50,000 spectators who watched the gladiatorial combat.

They have stayed in a couple of hotels in Rome that were in close proximity to the sight seeing places.

Their next stop was Prague, the sixth most visited European city. The tour party was fascinated by the magnificent architecture in Prague. The food in Prague was not liked by many but there were plenty of low budget hotels in Prague and they stayed in Hotel Denisa Prague at the City Center. The people of Prague were a lot silent and friendly.

My friends brought magnificent photos of The Church of St. Nicolas and St. Vitus Cathedral.
Ireland was their last destination and naturally they landed in Dublin. They had booked in advance at Marina House Dublin as it was located in a quiet seaside town called Dun Laoghaire. It seemed most of the hotels in Dublin were housed in old buildings.

They were all spell bound by the Dublin Castle that was originally built as a defensive fortification for the Norman city of Dublin, it later evolved into a royal residence, resided in by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland or Viceroy of Ireland, the representative of the monarch.

Listening to their stories of joy, I shared their happiness and even now cherish the memories.

Hunab Ku-The Great Mayan God.

Being familiar with the Hindu mythology, I found Mayan mythology very much similar to it. I love reading about our ancestors irrespective o...