Saturday, October 6

More fun times in your flight.

The reason both I and my husband have been refusing to visit his sister in the U.S. is the 20 hours flying time.

It is inconceivable for us to spend such longs hours in the plane without anything that will engage us interestingly.

I just spotted in an online store, a product that will change our decision to fly to the U.S. It is a sleek portable DVD player from the makers of the novel digital photo frames. This portable DVD player comes with a rechargeable battery pack enabling 4 hours continuous play time.

I am yet to buy it because I am pondering over the size of the screen. Will it be too small so as to affect the viewing pleasure? I suppose a portable 10 inch DVD player should do-what do you think?

I also like the idea of an all in one entertainment gadget. This portable DVD player is capable of playing most DVDs and CDs, including MP3, MP4, VCD, DIVX and JPEG files.

Is it slim? Yes, it is only 30mm in thickness.

Good! I will buy it next month.

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