Friday, October 5

Smorty pays you to blog.

It is not that I am lazy to find more opportunities in the paid blogging industry; only I have very limited time nowadays to look for new avenues. I am usually one of the first few persons that have found new ‘get paid to blog’ companies. Smorty is one among them.

I have stored several emails thanking me for introducing ‘Smorty’ to them.

I am also training people who want to get paid for blogging and earn a few hundred dollars every month.

With Smorty, there is no need to advertise anything. You can freely express your opinion about sponsors’ products and services. But generally, negative opinions are not welcome by the sponsors.

Once your blog is approved by, you will get intimated through email, whenever there is a new paid campaign is available. The pay rate is $6 per post but occasionally, there are higher payouts.

The blog post must contain a minimum of 150 words and should contain only one link pointing to the sponsor’s website.

They pay weekly through paypal.

One can register several blogs with them. This is my third blog that is approved by I have taken this initiative after seeing an increase in campaigns.

Sign up today with and get paid for blogging.

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