Tuesday, October 30

Artificial pheromones to attract females?

And you thought humans no longer emanate pheromones though your perspiration? Sure it is true and it may be the cause of evolution though there is no concrete proof.

But you find this news from the world of science a welcome one.
Science has found a way to capture pheromone scents and provide them to the public.

Ok, what is pheromone?
A pheromone is a chemical that triggers a natural behavioral response in another member of the same species. In layman terms, it is the basic material to attract opposite sex.

Some body sprays advertisers claim that their products contain human sexual pheromones which act as an aphrodisiac.

Here is another side of pheromones. Many people have noticed that applying an unscented pheromone before going to the office can have amazing benefits. All of a sudden, people will be listening to your every word and taking your advice to heart. And since no one will be able to tell that you are wearing a pheromone, they will simply think that you are suddenly more effective at the work place. (source: Davesdaily.com)

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