Thursday, October 11

Want to create a Halloween Meez?

Avatars are nice ways to express yourself in forums and social networks. This comes handy when people don't want to upload their real image.

Meez is a website that allows users to create their own animated avatars, or “3D I.D.” graphics, for the Web.

Halloween Meez is very popular among youth.

Users choose the gender of their human Meez, characterize them with appearance options, dress them in MeezMaker clothing, and add animations and backgrounds to further display their interests and hobbies.

Meez can also be used along side casual games where the game play drives the emotions of the Meez.

Users customize their Meez by browsing through the MeezMaker. Items to choose are organized into categories: Clothing, Animations, Accessories, and Backgrounds. In addition to these basic categories, the MeezMaker also has a number of themed buttons which group items based on interest, such as: Lil' Mama, Tokyo Street, Warped Tour, Anime, and Brandhabit . Currently there are over 120 themed categories.

I am not technically well versed to create 3D avatars but I believe this information will be useful to many who are adept at such creations.

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