Wednesday, October 31

The Edible billboard.

Life is so much amusing when I read about odd news. I am crazy about such news except the news has anything to do with violence.

For a moment, let us forget about online advertising and think about offline advertising that includes news papers, stickers, flyers, yellow pages and billboards which is also known as hoardings.

Of all these, I love hoardings that are written with excellent sentences. I have come across many copywriters who are simply brilliant.

Now, this is absolutely bizarre-a giant billboard erected that is made of real chocolate. Yes dear, 860 pounds of chocolate was used to create this billboard.

"The Easter creation, a world first, was made of 10 chocolate bunnies, 72 giant chocolate eggs and 128 chocolate panels, each weighing 2kg. The billboard took three months to plan and 300 hours for the team of 10 to build and was expected to last a week but alas was devoured by Londoners in less than three hours."-

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