Friday, November 2

The Garden Isle is beckoning me.

I am a fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, the eminent writer of spirituality. He is settled in Hawaii. He also wrote that every American, irrespective of their financial status, wish to retire in Hawaii.

In various other books also that I read, Hawaii is projected as the dream destination for travelers. Though I never had the privilege to see Hawaii, I have accumulated enough material on Hawaii that I can write a travelogue on Hawaii.

If I ever go to Hawaii, I will first contact They are a leading vacation rentals provider and many owners have listed their property for rent with them.

And if God is willing, he may offer me the resources to settle down in Hawaii and I have chosen Oahu as my choice. I have heard that Oahu real estate is very costly as it is the most sought after place in Hawaii.

From my database, I know that Kauai real estate offers fantastic ocean front villas and I have saved a specific property there. (See pictures) It is also known as the "Garden Isle", with enchanting valleys and great expanse of the ocean.

Overall, the Hawaii real estate is meant for those who are wealthy. But that is going to deter me. I will nurture my dream and I am sure it will be a reality in the near future.

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