Wednesday, November 7

Do you know Anoox?

An online contact of me asked me to look at the social search engine Anoox and compare it with Cha Cha, another popular search engine in the same category. I mean, the search results are based on the users feedback and rating in social engines.

The concept is good so far but I wonder whether people may stand to gain one way or the other to rate the search results.

Ok, here is my experience with Anoox.
I keyed in 'Paid to blog" and hit the search button and the search results are:
"Did you mean this: get rapid to blob, get aphid to bloc or get acid to blot ?
Sorry, we didn't find anything matching your criteria."

Another search for "Blog Promotion"
"Did you mean this: blob promotion, bloc promotion or blot promotion ?
Sorry, we didn't find anything matching your criteria.”

From the above results, I believe it did not understand the word ‘Blog’.

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