Friday, November 16

Do you know Mexican Riviera Maya?

Everyone might have come across the popular phrase “History Repeats” but how many can say that they have experienced it in their own life.

My husband is one of the few fortunate people who can say that affirmatively. He is a post graduate in history and he is very good at ancient civilizations and used to regale us with so many tidbits and trivia.

One fine day, he had a chance encounter with a Mexican who introduced himself as a professor of Mayan civilization of which my husband is well versed with.

The professor also owns a luxury beach resort "Riviera Maya", a tourism district in Mexico, famous for its all-inclusive resorts and smaller boutique hotels along the highway and on and near the beach.

His resort is located within the vicinity of the world famous Karisma Hotel. Karisma Hotels is a collection of divinely favored properties on secluded white-sand beaches on the Mexican Riviera Maya.

He confessed to us during dinner at our home that he designed his resort and included all the luxuries that he found in the Karisma Hotel.

Beach beds with ocean-view, beach side bar swings and hammocks are only a few examples of Karisma Hotel features. There is one very unique feature of Karisma Hotel that he spoke very highly of and that is bars with iced tops to keep drinks frosty cold.

Believe me, if I start writing about Karisma Hotels, I may end up with minimum 6 pages in this blog. You will agree with me once you visit their website.

For more information, please contact Pamela Johnston at or Amanda Deveaux at or call 212-629-8445.

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