Monday, February 28

What is a Ghost Rocket?

This is true but certainly unbelievable! I know, I have deliberate reversed the word which would normally read as, "Unbelievable but true".

Sometimes during 1946, in Sweden, mysterious rocket like missiles were spotted. No, they were not UFO in the usual sense when disc shaped objectes were reported as seen. (BTW, why such sightings were always seen by farmers?)

But these so called ghost rockets were seen not by public but by radars and military establishments. Were these caused by meteors?

This mystery is still unresolved but there is one interesting information about these ghost rockets in Sweden. The Swedish army prohibited reporting such sightings in newspapers especially to the exact location of a sighting, or any information regarding the direction or speed of the object.

This widely circulated photo of a "ghost rocket," taken July 9, 1946, in Sweden, was most likely a meteor.
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Monday, February 21

What a lady fern can do for you?

This plant is very familiar to all of us-right? It is called 'Lady fern', an ornamental plant. We would have never thought its decorative purpose.

However, it is a medicinal plant. The juices of the leaves of Lady Fern will cure the stinging feeling caused when we accidentally touch nettles.

The Africans crush the leaves on their palms to heal minor cut injuries.

I believe some species of Lady Fern leaves are used to make organic tea to cure cough. I am yet to check on this news bit that I read in a local magazine long back.

Tuesday, February 15

What is Nordic Walking?

Have you see the sticks that are also called 'poles' used by skiers? Well, if you use such poles while walking on any other surface apart from snow is called 'Nordic' walking.

This exercise is considered very good when compared to normal walking because you apply pressure with your arms on the poles you are carrying and this burns more calories. Other benefits include increase in overall body strength and fluidity in the joints.

What is important is the height of the poles which should be about 2/3 of the height of the user. Real Nordic Walking Poles utilize special Nordic Walking Straps - kind of like a fingerless glove, allowing power transmission through the strap and eliminating the need to uncomfortably grip the poles.

These Nordic walking poles come with removable rubber tips for better grip on hard surface and and hardened metal tips for trails, the beach, snow and ice. Most poles are made from lightweight aluminum, carbon fiber, or composite materials.

Image courtesy: Exel
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Thursday, February 10

Legal remedies for Accutane injury.

These days it is mandatory to locate relevant medico legal information even before consulting a doctor when you experience harmful side effects of any medicine you take.

There are more reports of legal action such as Accuntane Lawsuit than feedbacks of satisfactory results of medical treatment. It seems the number of physicians who treat a particular disease match the number of personal injury attorneys who are ready to provide legal help to victims of medicines, devices and various other products.

Somehow, medical journals carefully avoid mentioning cases of injuries occurring because of taking medicines that include weight loss pills, Accutane to treat bowel inflammation and acne cure tablets.

If you or someone you know has been taking Accutane and experience harmful side effects, you should contact your physician immediately. In addition, you can consult the law firm of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers located at 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701. Phone: 512-494-9949

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Tuesday, February 1

Beautiful gold coin of Isle of Man.

I received a stunning picture post from the Isle of Man which showed a spectacular calm ocean and a lovely Angel gold coin, one of the coveted collection of Isle of Man coins in the world.

Not many knew that the Isle of Man's history dates back to 8000 BC! The country which lies in the Irish sea is part of the British Isles and is headed by the British Queen.

This one ounce gold coin is called "Angel" gold coin is sold at for $ 1472.24

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