Tuesday, February 15

What is Nordic Walking?

Have you see the sticks that are also called 'poles' used by skiers? Well, if you use such poles while walking on any other surface apart from snow is called 'Nordic' walking.

This exercise is considered very good when compared to normal walking because you apply pressure with your arms on the poles you are carrying and this burns more calories. Other benefits include increase in overall body strength and fluidity in the joints.

What is important is the height of the poles which should be about 2/3 of the height of the user. Real Nordic Walking Poles utilize special Nordic Walking Straps - kind of like a fingerless glove, allowing power transmission through the strap and eliminating the need to uncomfortably grip the poles.

These Nordic walking poles come with removable rubber tips for better grip on hard surface and and hardened metal tips for trails, the beach, snow and ice. Most poles are made from lightweight aluminum, carbon fiber, or composite materials.

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