Monday, February 28

What is a Ghost Rocket?

This is true but certainly unbelievable! I know, I have deliberate reversed the word which would normally read as, "Unbelievable but true".

Sometimes during 1946, in Sweden, mysterious rocket like missiles were spotted. No, they were not UFO in the usual sense when disc shaped objectes were reported as seen. (BTW, why such sightings were always seen by farmers?)

But these so called ghost rockets were seen not by public but by radars and military establishments. Were these caused by meteors?

This mystery is still unresolved but there is one interesting information about these ghost rockets in Sweden. The Swedish army prohibited reporting such sightings in newspapers especially to the exact location of a sighting, or any information regarding the direction or speed of the object.

This widely circulated photo of a "ghost rocket," taken July 9, 1946, in Sweden, was most likely a meteor.
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