Wednesday, December 30

The Uape Indians' starnge custom.

First, do you know where the Uape Indians live?
Yes, you guessed it right! They live in the Amazon jungles. It is my dream place to visit mainly to see the much talked about rare birds.

These Uape Indians practice a strange custom. After they burn a human body, the collect the ash and mix it with a native beer made from cassava root and drink it.

This drink is said to be very potent.

The ash mixed drink is consumed by the dead's relatives while remembering his/her life deeds.

Uape Indians-image from Google images.

Tuesday, December 8

Why it is called Soap Opera?

We call all those engrossing (?)television serials (in every language) as Soap Operas. But do we really know the reason as why they are called Soap Operas?

It is an amusing fact.These women centered mega television serials were originally used to advertise soap powder. In the early days of American Radio, advertisers literally wrote stories mainly to advertise their soap powder.

These television serial producers enjoy the maximum freedom of twisting their stories to an extent whereby, even they tend to forget why the serial was originally started.

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