Monday, June 7

Abarimons' had backward feet.

The myriad range of popular and unpopular beliefs and customs in India are all derived from the four Vedas. But the western cultures view the India or other Asian cultures as false beliefs.

These will be very interesting. I am generally interested in Anthropology and the mythologies of all the six continents.

I will do periodical research in the Internet and blog about wonderful beliefs, cultures of the whole world. My blog posts will make you to come and again to my blog.

The facts that will you will find here won't be easily available for you anywhere in the Internet. I have done extensive research in the Internet and compiled voluminous content. More research is being done.

Here is a sample on Hindu mythology:
Do you that Abarimon was a human race and their feet had turned backwards? They ran faster than animals in spite of their physical oddity.

They were said to have inhabited the Himalayas. Pliny the Elder was the first to have spotted them and wrote in his book.

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  1. Amazing facts! Even with forward oriented feet we are unable to run fast! Pl. keep posting such discoveries! Have a great day!

  2. Very nice reading,
    Is there any mention abt this in Indian classical literature ?


  3. @Dev
    I have not checked. There must be some data.

  4. syamala here
    Very thought provoking article. I congratulate you for taking efforts to bring out such amazing articles. All the best.

  5. A very rare , unique and an unknown phenomenon!It is an amazing discovery


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