Monday, May 31

The safest insurance for retirees.

“Gold is what people worship if they don't go with the invisible God”-I like this quote and I thank whoever said it. I differ slightly though; I worship both the God and the Gold. After all, there is only one extra letter in gold.

I am serious about investing in gold. Moreover, I have become a seasoned precious metals investor and rare coins collector. However, I do not buy gold coins as enthusiastically as before, I keep myself updated with the bullion market through newsletters circulated by the U.S. Gold Bureau.

My certified rare coins are worth a small fortune now. I have bought them mostly on the advice of the U.S. Gold Bureau. I have developed good contacts who are experienced precious metals investment analysts. They do pass on useful tips that brought me good profits.

I would say gold is the only insurance you need after you retire.

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