Saturday, June 26

The demon to fall from the sky.

This had happened in 1702 AD. A very fortunate innkeeper in a remote village called Prahova located in Romania saw something like a slab of ice to fall from a dark sky. The innkeeper saw it as very odd as the ice seemed to have something embedded in it.

He let the ice melt only to see a monkey like figure that was devoid of hair. Very strange he thought because the figure was in blue color. There were indications that the monkey had wings and tail that looked like a whip!

The inquisitive innkeeper had the creature skinned and mounted over the bar trestle. This drew visitors for three years until a monk advised that it be burnt as he suspected to have been demon.

(Source: Egorov Raczaw: 1728 – Prahova Travel Journals through
Forgive me, no pictures.

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