Wednesday, October 24

Do you know Tonneau covers?

But, you should know first how to pronounce ‘Tonneau’. It is pronounced ta’-no.

Though it was first used to mount passenger seats in an open car, it is now used as one of the truck accessories by mostly pickup vans and trucks. Have you seen trucks carrying pineapples? It is highly unlikely because the pineapples that are arranged neatly in baskets on the truck bed are covered by tonneau cover.

This tonneau cover is then rolled back at the time of unloading the fruit baskets. May be you will understand better when you look at the figures below.

There is one more type of tonneau cover that folds back. Mostly, such covers can be folded back thrice to reveal the truck bed fully. The installation is very easy and done in a few minutes, is a good resource to buy tonneau covers apart from a range of truck accessories that include tool boxes, hitch baskets, grille guards, bed liners and much more.

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