Tuesday, October 2

A resource you can trust.

I was very reluctant to ask my beautician about a query raised by my husband. So far, he never bothered about his baldness but suddenly he wanted to arrest his falling hair (am I detecting something else?).

My beautician took the question in her stride and recommended that my husband start using provillus, a very effective treatment of hair loss in men.

But I have not heard about it till now. My beautician told me that it is her business to keep herself updated about latest beauty care products. She reads reviews of products in blogs and forums. Her favorite website is TrustSource.org.

She showed me several pages of information on provillus that she compiled from various sources online. Provillus is a totally natural formula for controlling hormonal by-products that serve as the main cause of hair loss in men. It has been found to be very effective, since many people who have tried it have reported back and given positive reviews.

The content of provillus are:
Pumpkin seed extracts,
Amino acids,
Polyunsaturated fatty acids.

I promptly informed my husband all these. He decided to pay a visit to trustsource.org.
Yes, it contained reviews and ranking of provillus by a few users.

Also, the website is a good resource to know where one can apply for cash advance to meet emergency cash needs.

Trustsource.org had published several reviews from different people on payday loans too. There was a feedback from Julie on women’s payday loans. She has written that after reading reviews in trustsource.org, she successfully applied and got a cash advance of $1000.

I wish trustsource.org continue to publish reviews about more products and services.

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