Thursday, October 18

The complete website for travelers.

Now, this ( is a web site I would consider as the ultimate web site for travelers for the following reasons:

* The site features a blog in which travelers post about their traveling experiences. The first entry that I saw in it was naturally about India by Meags and Jen. They have written about Delhi and Mumbai with a faint humor.

“That evening we saw the Gateway to India where we were hassled to buy giant phallic balloons and blessed by a holy man who gave us our first bindhis (and then asked for money... apparently good luck costs at least 10 rupees). “

* The next attraction is the forum where you can ask questions about various destinations, get to know about the latest travel deals etc.

* I had a nice time looking at hundreds of photos of various places and all these photos are uploaded by travelers like you and I.

Red Fort by Smasha

* The next thing I liked is the search facility. You can search for hotels, cars and flight details for any city of your choice. For example, if you search for New Delhi from their home page, the resulting page contains maps, links to hotels and attractions and blog entries on New Delhi.

Since the website is really interactive, a semblance of authenticity prevails. A traveler requires information and there is no dearth of it in this website.

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