Thursday, October 21

Cheap silver bullion.

Do you know that you can buy silver bullion at dealers’ cost?

I used to work in an advertising agency long back where most of the colleagues’ dining room talk was always on bullion buying and selling. At that time, I just graduated and it was my first job.

I did not know anything about trading in silver and gold bullion.

Today, the story is different. I have become a highly experienced precious metals investor due to my association with several gold clubs. The most useful among them is the U.S. Gold Bureau.

I have been a regular visitor to and I have subscribed to their valuable newsletter called ‘Gold Monitor’.

Just 5 days before, the U.S. Gold Bureau had announced a special Internet sale of some rare bullion coins at cheap rates.

I am yet to avail of this wonderful investment opportunity. I though I would let you know about this great news.

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