Friday, October 8

Bluebonnet won't be picked by the Texans.

The first time I spotted live the beautiful lavender colored bluebonnet (a misnomer?)
in Bangalore, I screamed in sheer delight! My God! What a color.

Below, you can see some of the images of this wonderful flower Bluebonnet. The pictures were taken in the state of Texas.

Look at the spread along the entire stretch.

No wonder the Texans don't pick the Bluebonnet. It is their state's pride that attract tourists who I am sure won't move further from the spot for a long time.

Their cameras can't take them all. People should fill their memory's full content to recall and enjoy.

Highway 306 from New Braunfels to Purgatory Road (almost to Canyon Lake )

Highway 71 from Austin to Brady

Another lovely hue of the flower.
(spot the python)

I read the Texas Government is actively planting the seeds of Bluebonnet along all the highways in their state.

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