Wednesday, December 10

Still buying 19th century toys?

“What’s wrong with 19th century toys”? –you might ask. Of course there is nothing wrong with them but do you seriously think your children will touch them?

But, yes, you can regale your children about 19th century toys such as Slinky, Lego, Tonka trucks if you happen to own book titled, “Timeless Toys”, an extraordinary book of resources on more than 400 toys.

Now, you can buy cheap toys that are also fun and educative. There is a new arrival at called Bacardi Kit that will make a wonderful gift for Christmas.

For those who are unfortunately less creative and are always short of gift ideas, I would suggest you look for puppets in Puppets are any time favorites of children up to age 8.

This website is huge, that will give you hundreds of options when you search for any product. You can also compare the prices of the toys from different manufacturers.

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  1. great ideas! there's some cool art related gifts here as well...


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