Saturday, May 19

My last trip to Hawaii was forgettable.

“But why, Hawaii is the most sought after destination in the world for travelers!”-this is your question-right?

Hawaii was everything that I read about, recommended to, in reality. The absolute silence in certain places, the gentle waves and all round greenery were all simply fantastic and memorable.

But still I had a miserable tour and the culprit was the travel agent of course who messed up everything he promised to arrange.

The chauffeur was at the wrong gate at the airport, the booked accommodation at a prestigious resort failed to communicate to the travel agent that they can’t accommodate me, last minute hassle of finding a right place to stay and on and on… the list of miseries were endless.

This time I intend to be doubly cautious in my planning. After a few minutes in the Internet, I stumbled on to a nice Hawaiian travel blog that was full of first hand information about Hawaii, places to stay, attractions not to miss, general precautions to take while planning for a vacation in Hawaii.

Of the various hawaiian vacation packages that I studied, the package offered by Hawaiian Beach Rentals was the most suited to my taste and my attitude of freedom. Vacation for me is not to go to places but to get away from them.

This time I intend to opt for a very quiet place in Oahu island. I like the serene atmosphere of Oahu and it is less crowded. A beautiful small cottage overlooking the ocean was promised to me by

This is my sincere advice to travelers going to Hawaii: “Visit once before you arrange bookings to Hawaii”.


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