Monday, February 25

Machu Picchu-rare photo.

Look at this stunning but rare photo of Machu Pichu and tell me does it deserve to be included in any one's rare picture album.

Just following an urge, I wanted to find the best natural picture yesterday and I found this on my second search.

Machu Picchu in Dawn Mist, Cordillera de Vilcabamba, Sacred Valley, PerĂº.

Machu Picchu is a pre-Columbian Inca site located 7,875 ft above sea level. It is situated on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru, which is 80 km northwest of Cuzco. Machu Picchu is also known as "The Lost City of the Incas".

Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is something spiritual about this place and its existence even today is a proof that there is a spiritual strength lies here. Peruvian history should be read by you to know what I am talking about.

Another interesting observation by me is, wherever I read about Machu Picchu, it is backed by beautiful photographs of Machu Picchu. That place must have God's residence.

If you are mad about beautiful pictures and if you know the power of appreciation, you will visit this web site now:

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