Tuesday, September 12

Do you know a bald ladies club?

Is this the first time you are hearing about a bald ladies club like me?
But it exists. Try a search on google and you will find it.

However surely you have heard about bald men club! Its members vehemently reject Rogaine, Propecia, transplants and wigs.

I wonder what will be the reaction of Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, the head of New York hair transplants, if he is invited to attend the bald men club’s anniversary.

He may probably invite a few members to his office with the hope that they might change their mind (head?) after seeing some of the satisfied patients.

Dr. Epstein personally performs every one of the 500-plus hair transplant procedures done at the FHR every year.

This testimonial is by Rafael, a real patient who could not believe that a hair restoration could really be undetectable- “until I did my homework and found a real doctor, not a clinic, one who could deliver what he promised: a completely natural appearance.”

What a difference! Undetectable scars & perfect hairlines!

Dr. Epstein now offers the technique of follicular unit extraction

In this method, healthy hair follicles are removed from the unaffected areas of your head and implanted by surgically transferring where it is required.

Surgical hair transplantation is done some times even from a hair donor.

In India, hair weaving is very popular among balding males, but I heard that it requires maintenance.

If you wish to obtain as much information as possible as to what type of procedure you may be a candidate for, please fill out an online form at foundhair.com

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