Thursday, September 21

Do you know the correct meaning of Plastic?

Refer to Greek and it says Plastikos is "to shape"

Hence the name ‘plastic surgery’ which is to correct an unshapely nose or lips.

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is performed only by board certified surgeons like Dr. Daniel G. Becker, M.D., FACS-the chief surgeon of New Jersey cosmetic surgery.

When I said ‘board certified’, I meant American Board of Facial Plastic and Re-constructive Surgery (ABFPRS).

Not only that, he is also certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABO).

People from various parts of the world approach The Rhinoplasty Center for a variety of nose problems like Nasal Bump, Bulbous Tip, Too Wide, Too Narrow, Overprojected, Underprojected, Nasal Fracture, Twisted Nose, Droopy Nose and Upturned Nose.

The common name for rhinoplasty is ‘nose job’.
Rhinoplasty can be performed to rectify all the above said problems to meet aesthetic appeal or for reconstructive purposes to correct birth defects or breathing problems.

As per Dr. Becker’s informative website, he has been in the news for his expertise.

I have posted only a few below.

* "On the Nose "- Aesthetic Book 2006,
Are you ready for the new Rhinoplasty?

* "TOP DOC"- Philadelphia Magazine 2003, for Cosmetic and Re-constructive Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty).

*NATIONAL TOP 10 RATING by US News and World Report - From 1997-2003, Dr. Becker was a full-time faculty member of the Department of ENT at PENN, where he specialized in nasal and sinus surgery. During that time, US News and World Report consistently gave a NATIONAL TOP 10 rating to this team.

*25 People to Watch in 2005, SJ Magazine
Dr. Becker was recognized as one of '25 People to Watch' in New Jersey by South Jersey Magazine, in January, 2005.

*Dr. Becker was inducted into the National Register's WHO's WHO in Executives and Professionals 2004-2005.

*The Gloucester County Times reported on the Becker Nose and Sinus Center. They highlighted that the Becker Nose and Sinus Center is the first center in the state of New Jersey dedicated to treatment of problems of the Nose and Sinuses.

For testimonials from patients and doctors, please refer

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  1. rhinoplasty
    will do good in the field of cosmetic surgery.As shaping or reshaping up of nose will add different and better look to the face.
    This will definitely improve one's look with well suited nose structure .


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