Thursday, September 21

Do you have cellulite?

No idea! (smile)

Almost everybody has cellulite. I am just expressing the accumulation of fats in certain parts of our body in a fashionable way.

What happens when you have excess fat in your abdomen or hips?
It looks ugly, restricts free movement resulting in terrible embarrassment.

How it happens?
While it happens mostly as we grow old, there are other causes like unhealthy eating habits, not drinking adequate water, lack of exercise and even may be due to heredity.

What are the remedies?
Attend to the reasons mentioned above or just head for New Jersey liposuction and meet Dr. Alvin Glasgold, a triple board certified plastic surgeon and a specialist in facial cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, and surgical body contouring.

Glasgold Group is a top choice in New Jersey cosmetic surgery, providing patients with two generations of knowledge and expertise. Founded more than 25 years ago, the Glasgold Group is committed to patient satisfaction.

The other team members:
Dr. Mark Glasgold, a specialist in rhinoplasty,
Dr. Robert Glasgold, an expert in face-lifts and facial rejuvenation.

Whether you are searching for a rhinoplasty in New Jersey or a surgeon specializing in breast augmentation, and whether you’re in New Jersey, Philadelphia, or elsewhere, the Glasgold Group works to help patients from all over the world achieve their cosmetic needs.

Liposuction is procedure by which excess fat is removed by selectively suctioning out excess fatty deposits from the affected areas of our body to achieve a beautiful and natural form.

It is not done to reduce the overall weight of the body.

Who it is ideal for?
Anyone who is unsuccessful in straightening out their bulgy stomach or hanging flaps despite regular visits to the gym, or curtailing their big appetite are ideal patients for liposuction which is also called lipoplasty.

The duration:
All can be over in less than two hours and there is no need for hospitalization.

Maximum two weeks time should be given for complete healing.

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