Monday, July 27

Do you know Sokushinbutsu?

Once upon a time, some where in Japan, many monks died not because of any public outcry of illhealth but because of their own belief.

Sokushinbutsu were Buddhist monks or priests who caused their own deaths in a way that resulted in their mummification. I mean, they prepare their mind and body in such a way that when they die, their bodies said to attain the stage of a mummy.

This belief is because they will be revered as Buddha.

What a belief!

But how did they achieve this?
It is reported that the monks would go on a long diet. For about 1000 days, they ate only a special kind of food consisting of nuts and seeds.

Then, for the next 1000 days, they consumed a kind of poisonous tea and a tree bark.

Oh, more bizarre things happened. You read the rest yourself elsewhere.
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