Wednesday, November 24

Do you know Sympathetic Magic?

There is said to be belief (in metaphysics) that like affects like.

Here is one more:
"Sympathetic magic is the basis for psychometry, the claim of psychic detectives that touching an item belonging to a victim gives magical contact with the victim."

The reason why I raised this topic here is my curiosity on the subject that was rather imposed on me through a spam email. (I always believed that even spam can be useful)

There were several movies in India in the earlier days that will usually project the bad character who will claim that he cannot be killed physically because his life (soul) is inside a parrot that is hidden in a remote island.

This idea is derived from the belief that
an effect on one object can cause an analogous effect on another object, without an apparent causal link between the two objects. This is also a form Sympathetic Magic.

For more reads, please search in Wikipedia and Skepdic

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