Friday, December 3

Your cell phone has gold!

Are you surprised?

You and I buy gold for investment purpose or as ornaments like rings and bracelets. Gold is used in various industries that include electronic components. Because gold is a good conductor of electricity, it is used in small quantities in mobile phones.

The U.S. Gold Bureau says every cell phone has gold worth of $0.50. Ah, I see you are disappointed.

The latest trend among bullion investors is to buy gold coins from different countries. Even the Americans are actively buying Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the Chinese Gold Panda.

However, I wonder whether the Aussies and the Chinese are showing interest in American Eagle gold coins.

One more piece of amazing information from the U.S. Gold Bureau:

Archeologists once discovered golden hats in Central Europe area. The uniqueness is the discovery was made during Bronze age!

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