Thursday, August 26

India causes bullish trend in bullion.

Do you know that India’s consumption of gold bullion now stands at 365 tons until 30th June 2010?

So what is special?

Well, for the same period in 2009, it was only 188 tons! The percentage of rise in the demand for gold is a whopping 94%.

China too has reported tremendous growth in gold demand. It is no wonder the World Gold Council has predicted bullish bullion market mainly because of India and China’s gold investing attitude.

All this has happened much earlier to the festivals and marriage season in India, which are around the corner. One can very well imagine how the year 2010 is going to end for bullion investors.

This is no hype folks. Yesterday, (Wednesday 25th August 2010), the gold price hit a seven-week high!

Echoing the current precious metals market trend, the U.S. Gold Bureau has launched three new gold bars at attractive rates.

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