Saturday, March 31

Small Focus. Big Returns.

What an apt title for an accounting services firm. This can be taken as an indication that this Boston Accounting firm knows the job and can do it efficiently. This is my first impression.

So you by this time clicked on the above link and saw their home page. Is it not wonderfully designed?

You might have read through their introduction which I feel is written with sincere conviction and dedication. The words seemed to have tumbled out automatically.

The following sentences will reveal their true intention.

“You know how to run your business. We know how to help you make the most of every dollar that comes through it. Welcome to Murphy & Co., the accounting firm for small businesses.”

“We’re not here to take your money for doing something you can do yourself. We’re here to help you keep more of your money”.

Yes, I know exactly what they mean. I have the same experience of trying to maintain my books and spending considerable time to keep rectifying the daily errors and finally I ended up closing my private limited firm.

Account writing will look easy but can be challenging when you have to squeeze out the best profit. The books should indicate where our business stands.

Since Murphy Accounting itself is a family-run business, we can expect them to understand our exact accounting needs and can render cost effective services.

With 35 years as a CPA and an MBA from Babson, Joseph and his son Dan, a Boston College alum, lead Murphy &Co. providing qualified, personalized accounting services for the small-business person.

Their services include bookkeeping, monthly financial statements, profit and loss, balance sheets, budget analysis and filing of annual tax returns.

You can reach them at 508-238-5357

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