Wednesday, April 4

It is vegetarian times folks.

The train finally started rolling after a killing and torturous 2 hours unscheduled halt due to technical fault.

A foreigner sitting next to me was all complaints and moans. But this happens in any country-right? Why keep on blaming India as if everything is smooth elsewhere?

At last he got down after a couple of hours but he left behind a magazine which I thought is very new to India. It is Vegetarian Times, a magazine for great food, good health, and smart living.

That old issue was stuffed with health news, herbs and supplements, nutrition counseling, and ways to keep your body and mind charged up and feeling great! The pictures of various foods were simply superb and mouth watering.

Plenty of useful articles on the advantages of staying as a vegetarian were published. Their monthly issues provide a variety of delicious, staff-tested vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as cooking tips and entertaining suggestions. Also found in their pages is comprehensive coverage of the latest research on health, nutrition and fitness.

I saved the magazine for a leisurely reading.

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